Stellar Phono Pre & the remote

Hey fellow Audio Nuts!

I’ve got the Stellar Phono Pre and I have to say it is one nice component. But I have one concern… What happens in ten +/- years and the remote gives out? And if/when the remotes are no longer available? (The Stellar remotes are the weakness of the line in my opinion)

Since virtually all of the functionality is in the remote, unlike the SGCD where you can do just about everything from the front panel, without it you are only able to use the default settings when it is powered up.

Looking forward to your thoughts and hopefully those from PS Audio.


Contact them and buy a spare if you are worried about it.


Three thoughts.

  1. Buy a second remote and stash it away. Of course that means remembering where you put it.

  2. Get a universal remote and capture the codes from the original.

  3. Ask PSA for the IR Codes for future use.

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You’re thinking you’ll keeping it for 10+ years? Oh boy, wish I had your discipline. Not a single piece in my system is that old. Upgradeitis always hits before the 10-year mark it seems. I actually have two for my line stage. Not for fear of wear out, but because I’m a butter fingered klutz and manage to drop it, or knock it off my coffee table, or otherwise traumatize it to the point of breaking it.
Heavy sigh.

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Why would the remote give out? I am not sure how this is a concern. We could always get you a second backup now if you reach out to the sales guys.




I have a drawer-ful of broken DirecTV remotes. Of course, they’re only ~$10 to replace. (Maybe that’s the issue…lol.)

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Anything LG WRT IR codes will work…LOL ! Mute on ANY Stellar or the brushed aluminum case remote as examples.

eg. When I power up my Stellar Phono, as expected, it’s supposed to mute. It turns on my TV…LOL ! I had a similar issue when I had the very awesome SGCD/Preamp. Annoying at first…and then you get used to it.

Quirkiness is an Audiophile trait isn’t it ?


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I think Paul has forgotten what it’s like to have kids, pets, and wine. Any one of those can destroy a remote one way or another.


The correct order is:

  • growing older
  • wine
  • growing older + wine
  • kids
  • pets

Unquestionable logic.

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