Stellar phono stage remote


I am trying out the Stellar phono stage at home with some excellent Audience xlr cables to my Kii3 speakers. Turntable is Linn LP12.

This is a very good machine the best I heard. I have only one concern, the remote. The amp is not operable without the remote. It should be able control with buttons on the amp itself. How long does a remote last and what if it breaks, can you program another device to replace it?

I love the SPP and I totally agree with you about remote control. I’m using it since 2 years and had only one issue (IR receiver related). Sent back for repair, solved in a few days. I bought a second remote for spare. In any case it will be needed in future.

I created a thread on forum to collect thoughts about upcoming units:

Thanks. I would a surface mounted power supply to the wish list

You can easily add the remote commands to a universal learning remote such as the Harmony I use.

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Harmony remotes have been discontinued by logitech. I wish they were still readily available becasue they were very cost effective for what they are capable of.

Oh, don’t I know it which is why I have two backups! They are continuing the backend indefinitely.

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Logitech Harmony 650 is available on Amazon?

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That is good to know. I was looking for one a while ago and I didnt see any on amazon that were available, atleast at the time of searching.