Help needed with seeing PC hard drive in MConnectControl via the Bridge II

Hello fellow PS Audio Aficionados,

I have a PS Audio Directstream Dac with the Bridge II. I am successfully running Tidal using the MConnect Control app. I want to be able to connect to my music hard drive on my Dell 3020 PC, but I am not able to. Right now the media folders on my PC do show up on the MConnectControl, but not the hard drives. I have spent a few hours trying to figure out how to configure the PC so that MConnectControl can see its hard drives, but have been unsuccessful. Can anyone help me with this? Thank you. I appreciate any advice with this problem.

Are you using Windows on your PC?
If so you are looking for the config of media serving, some sort of built in uPnP or DLNA server within windows, which probably has a setting for which folders it indexes and offers out to other devices.
Some key words for google for you hope it helps :slight_smile:

I was under the impression that MConnect was intended for Apple devices and not PC-based machines. A search brings up:

What is an Mconnect compatible device?

  • Your iPhone and iPad. - UPnP compatible renderers: Smart TV, UPnP supported Audio, UPnP receivers. - Google Cast: Chromecast, Google Cast compatible Audio. - AirPlay compatible devices: Apple TV, Airport Express, AirPlay Audio.

There is an Android version of the Mconnect apps, so they are not exclusively for iOS. See here:

Yes Windows 10. I will look into wHat you suggested.

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I use an IPad with MConnentControl. I want it to recognize my PC and the hard drives inside it.

I’m not sure if apple devices and windows devices are able to see each other but if so you will have to make sure the win10 machine is shared on the local network.

I don’t know the exact procedure offhand but once permissions are set it should work.

It would be the same as a NAS on your network.

Was unaware of that – thanks for correcting me.

navigate to the folders that contain the music on your windows PC and right click the folder - something like “add to your music collection” or “add to windows media player list” or some such.

Someone with windows (recent) experience would be of more help I think, when they wake up :slight_smile:

That’s it Joma0711. Your suggestion worked! I added the music hard drive to the Windows music folder. It’s playing and it sounds excellent. Thank you, thank you!

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Excellent news :slight_smile: