[Help Noob] How to connect Vintage Receiver/Amp to Modern Subwoofer

I have no idea if this is the right place for this but after watching some of PS Audio’s videos I figured I’d give this forum a shot.

I have a Quadraflex 575 receiver hooked up to some passive Jamo S 803 speakers. I have been thinking of adding a Jamo S 808 Sub for a while now. However, my receiver doesn’t have a specific sub out and the 808 only has an RCA in and is powered. I don’t know if I need a speaker wire to an RCA or if I would just use the tape out I was reading something about a Line level converter as well. But I’m relatively new to this and just wanted to clarify what I need to get to make these work together. I posted this on Reddit as well but haven’t gotten any clear answers. Any help is appreciated I have a link to the sub and a photo of the back of a Quadraflex 575.

Receiver: Quadraflex 575

Sub: Jamo 808

Welcome to the forum! Looking at the Jamo sub it only has one rca input labeled LFE. I don’t think the vintage receiver and this sub would be a good match. If your heart is set on this receiver a sub like vintage REL comes to mind with speaker wire outputs to the subwoofer. The Strata 3 comes to mind if you can find one. I personally don’t think a speaker cable to rca converter would work or sound good either.

Welcome! Thanks for the memories. I haven’t thought about Quadraflex for years. It was Pacific Stereo’s house brand and Pacific Stereo was owned by Richard Schram who now owns Parasound. Small world.

You can’t use the tape out because the volume control doesn’t affect it. So the sub would always be at one level and not go up and down with the receiver’s volume control.

Your only real option (other than retiring that beast) would be to find a speaker to RCA converter.

Good luck!


Thank You! I found an RCA line-out converter that was made for vehicle sound systems. It has good reviews and a few people have used it the way I intend to so it should work.

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