Hey, Beta Testers!

Some of you received Beta units and are not posting your comments and reviews.

We want and need to here from you. Beta testers are important. Your observations and reviews truly do matter.

Do not make me come after you. Or make me use any more exclamation points.

Post away! Now!

I assume you are not referring to me. If I’m wrong please let me know.

Absolutely not, you were one of the earliest to post observations.

This thread is just a a light-hearted effort to shake the lurkers loose and to encourage them. My most frightening threat truly is to use more exclamation points. And to invoke scary-big emoji.

Post early and post often!

Elk said And to invoke scary-big emoji.
Elk, please NOT the emoji! :) (Sorry couldn't help myself)

Elk’s right. I will have to resort to badgering.

Yet another call.

Come out of the woodwork! We would love to hear from you and learn of your experiences.

Let lose the badgers!

Paul indicates more beta units will be shipping soon so we will have even more honey badgers. I only hope these honey badgers do care.