Hi level to xlr or rca


Has anyone found a really good hi level to xlr or rca converter for subs that are not like a REL? I would like to try this with my JL Audio subs. Again, I’m looking to hear from people who have actually done this and kept it.


I am a bit shocked no one has chimed in yet. I am also surprised that REL or JL Audio does not offer a hi level to rca / xlr unit.


I think I’ll try one of these for my JL subs.



Keep in mind this is a pro piece of kit which outputs a +4dB signal. This is 11.70dB hotter than consumer electronics expect.

If you connect a +4dBu output to a -10dBv input you are sending a hot signal which will minimize the noise floor, but it may overload the input.


Good call. So I would need to add a -15 db inline xlr attenuator.


You may be fine. It depends on what the sub is able to accept.


I ordered one. I’ll see what happens!


Paul emailed me back. He said he had used the same devise a number of time with great results. Awesome.


That is comforting news, that is the device that I was also considering in order to re-integrate my PARC.
BTW, off topic, but how are your VooDoo PCs performing, mine arrive tomorrow, if all goes well.


VooDoo cables are great! I will buy more for sure! I sold off my other cables without regret.


Just wanted to offer my feedback on this item. http://www.jensen-transformers.com/product/sp-2sx/

Works awesome! Subs perform better from this unit than from the RCA’s off the BHK preamp. I connected the high level to the BHK amps, and them out to the subs via XLR. Outstanding little unit.

Thank you Paul for the advise!

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I thought I’d add, Jensen also makes a sub specific version with unbalanced RCA outputs for those without XLR.

Product Name: Jensen Transformers ISO-MAX Stereo Speaker to Line
Converter, tuned specifically for subwoofer inputs, MSRP: $229.95

NOTE: This is a special-order item, typically built at the time
of purchase, so please allow an extra 5-business days lead time
(before we ship).
This item is not eligible for return.
Item#: JT:SS-2NR