Hi level to xlr or rca

Has anyone found a really good hi level to xlr or rca converter for subs that are not like a REL? I would like to try this with my JL Audio subs. Again, I’m looking to hear from people who have actually done this and kept it.

I am a bit shocked no one has chimed in yet. I am also surprised that REL or JL Audio does not offer a hi level to rca / xlr unit.

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I think I’ll try one of these for my JL subs.


Keep in mind this is a pro piece of kit which outputs a +4dB signal. This is 11.70dB hotter than consumer electronics expect.

If you connect a +4dBu output to a -10dBv input you are sending a hot signal which will minimize the noise floor, but it may overload the input.

Good call. So I would need to add a -15 db inline xlr attenuator.

You may be fine. It depends on what the sub is able to accept.

I ordered one. I’ll see what happens!

Paul emailed me back. He said he had used the same devise a number of time with great results. Awesome.

That is comforting news, that is the device that I was also considering in order to re-integrate my PARC.
BTW, off topic, but how are your VooDoo PCs performing, mine arrive tomorrow, if all goes well.

VooDoo cables are great! I will buy more for sure! I sold off my other cables without regret.

Just wanted to offer my feedback on this item. http://www.jensen-transformers.com/product/sp-2sx/

Works awesome! Subs perform better from this unit than from the RCA’s off the BHK preamp. I connected the high level to the BHK amps, and them out to the subs via XLR. Outstanding little unit.

Thank you Paul for the advise!

I thought I’d add, Jensen also makes a sub specific version with unbalanced RCA outputs for those without XLR.

Product Name: Jensen Transformers ISO-MAX Stereo Speaker to Line
Converter, tuned specifically for subwoofer inputs, MSRP: $229.95

NOTE: This is a special-order item, typically built at the time
of purchase, so please allow an extra 5-business days lead time
(before we ship).
This item is not eligible for return.
Item#: JT:SS-2NR



I used a Russound adt 1.2image

It’s unbalanced so I grounded the neg to my bhk250
Works great

I don’t understand these Jensen products. I thought the goal here was to take high level (speaker wire off the amp) and convert that to XLR or RCA then go to the subs. No? I would expect speaker terminals on the Jensen unit as the input. Am I getting something totally wrong here?

You’ve got it right. The Jensens have high-level inputs and low-level outputs. The high-level input just isn’t what you recognize as a speaker binding post.

The wire from the amp to the transformer (Jensen) is nearly inconsequential. Use whatever you have that is easy to work with. It carries next to zero current. The ‘quality’ of the wire is irrelevant. Don’t use something that will oxidize after a few weeks though. It still needs to be a solid connection.

Thanks brett66… Might be a dumb question, but for the first linked Jensen unit, looks like it wants a Neutrix or speak-on input connection… What do you just cut off the other end and connect the wires to the speaker terminals on the amp?

The manual applies to multiple models, SC-2NR, SS-2NR and SP-2SX.

The SC-2NR version has these connections, RCA and a terminal block for the leads from the amp.

I use speaker cables connected from my amp’s extra binding posts directly into the Jensen’s Neutrix Speakon inputs. Makes for easy, clean and maintenance free connections. Kimber Kable built me custom speaker cables with bananas on the amp end and Speakon connectors on the Jensen transformer side.