High quality, highly recommended OUT OF PRINT vinyl

Is this the 33rpm version?


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Here’s a review of someone who listened to many pressings of it. He even reviewed both, the 45 and 33 RPM.

Not sure if that guarantees that you get a real version of one or the other, lo - these ten years hence. Though I guess I can imagine that 5k 45rpm vinyl versions may not have sold over that period.

Anyhow, this brought to mind working at a studio back then where the owner had heard the Rumour that some of the amazingly fast and bright guitar playing on the Buckingham recordings had been achieved by adjusting the guitar tuning and tape speed, playing more slowly, and then bringing it back up to normal pitch, with the attendant speed increase.

I’ve never checked or otherwise tried to verify that. He was a God to me in some ways - not a Clapton-Level God, but still. He was certainly technically capable, as was anyone with a tape machine, but it was a method that was not generally entertained at the time.

But - if you are the singer-songwriter laying down the tracks against which the rest of the band plays and sings…:man_shrugging:t2: There WAS that uber-tinkly quality to a lot of his acoustic recordings at the time that had us both blown away…and scratching our heads. How’d he Do That?

No idea either way…just…Rumours…:cowboy_hat_face:

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I own many of the mosaic box sets (CDs not vinyl) and they are probably the most coveted part of my music collection (wonderful sound and thoroughly annotated). The Bill Evans one slipped through the cracks on me. There was a later release by Nonesuch - The Bill Evans Trio – Turn Out The Stars: The Final Village Vanguard Recordings. June 1980

Yes I have that Evans Mosaic LP box set, it’s fantastic and besides the Jimmy Giuffre my most cherished Mosaic set. Ok then there’s the Monk It Club and the … :wink:

During the last months I spent a lot of money, but still had the chance of halfway reasonable prices to get many of the last missing valuable records I wanted for long.

Of one of them I found the last two sold online in the world since quite some time…in Indonesia, sealed. With the help of a generous member here who took the second one by chance, I got it shipped here and it’s currently on the way :wink: That’s just one example of how difficult it can be to get rare grooves at bearable prices. Means when I’m able to sell my collection before I go deaf, I can buy a flat or two for it :wink: I’m now more convinced than ever that those high end LP releases are raising in price very noticeably when those many young lifestyle vinylists of today grow older and richer :wink: But for now I’m enjoying the outstanding vinyl quality and I hope the DS DAC tuning will lift it a bit for the digital stuff.

The Jimmy Giuffre set is definitely a good one. The Nat King Cole one might rank at the top of my list. I’ve been fortunate to pick up many sets at used record shops (online prices can be ridiculous). I’ve consistently bought the new ones as they come out (just got the recent Louis Armstrong Columbia/RCA box).

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Nice collection!

Either the room keeps getting smaller or the collection keeps getting larger. Unfortunately there is quite a bit of music that remains in the closet. Maybe it would be better to listen to more music instead of buying it😉

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My physical LP box collection of them is not nearly as impressive, but my very favorites.

My digital collection is close as you can see by the number top left …but takes less space. The good thing with every physical media collection is, that it serves very well as room dampening in bass as well as diffuser :wink:

And it seems listening to Mosaic CD‘s in your case is a dangerous adventure due to the necessary climbing :slight_smile:

I guess @lonson has three of such Mosaic walls!

I actually put the cds in the shelves with all my other cds and have most all the actual Mosaic boxes in my storage unit, and the booklets on a bookshelf.

Love the Larry Young and Woody Shaw! The Mosaic Select boxes are real nice too! Seems Mosaic is slowing down production of new sets as demand for CDs (and other physical media) is declining. These CDs are at the rear of the listening room - pretty expensive diffusers, but definitely does the trick. Would like to get a larger room someday, but at least I have a room that I can call my own.

Not a bad idea - would take up less space. Then I could pull some of the other box sets and CDs I have hiding in the closet. Ive also tried to keep up with ripping my collection to my NAS for streaming purposes, but I keep falling behind. Overall I still prefer the tactile experience and sound quality of physical media over the convenience of streaming. I find that I get more connected with the music if I am listening to albums instead of tracks (with Roon).

Impressive collection. I see a bunch of classical box sets that are now spendy on the used market.

I am envious.

I totally understand that. After over 30 years of collecting I have probably over 30,000 cds and don’t do any streaming etc. Even ripping part of my collection is something I don’t wish to do.

Some I bought new new as they were released and many I found in record stores. In general it is a good time to buy CDs as many box sets are being released are very reasonable prices per CD. What I have noticed quite a bit on Amazon and Ebay these days is the business of selling used/new out of print product for ridiculous prices (as you pointed out). For example, the Claudio Arrau 80cd Decca box is selling for $1799.99 - that’s $22.50 a CD (sold by Rare Music Collection on Amazon) - nothing is worth that much, but someone will buy it. This is why I like going to record stores - often you find rare/amazing things at reasonable prices.

I have long wondered about that particular guitar sound and how some of the Buckingham tracks sounded like they’d been recorded in a way that they was completely different to the others. Or so I’ve heard.

Curious if your copy of Rumours is beautiful, or if it has some surface stuff going on @jazznut Mine supposedly has never been played, but like some of the MFSLs being issued, has undesirable stuff going on right out of the sleeve.