Hillarious...the blue light issue solved

Ive always been irritated by the fact that you cant turn off the blue light on the DSJ.

I started wearing blue blocker glasses in the evening to help me sleep.

Im sitting here listening to miles davis wearing my rockstar glasses…I look up from my computer and “holy crap! the blue light is out, I guess snowmass fixed it, YEAAAAA…”

Nope it was the glasses.

Well there’s the option if you want to turn the light out.


Try these, or the darker “Black Out” version.


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I’m sure black duct tape would also do the job

I tried putting electrical tape on my glasses once and I couldn’t see a thing…it’s a bad idea, trust me

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Perhaps PS Audio got the blue light idea from McIntosh! Yikes. I have green lights on my McIntosh preamp tubes and blue lights on the meters.

Hang on. The blue light seems to trigger something. I am going to investigate further…


Yup. Something strange going on with my DSD Sr DAC when I approach the blue light …


This is amazing … my DSD Sr DAC is opening up from the top.

Fascinating, there is something moving inside…



We’ve come this far. We must go on.