Holiday Pricing is worse than "System" Pricing

At least for the Stellar gear, I cant remember the system deal for the BHK stuff but I am guessing the same is true. If you wanted the SGCD and the M700s before it was $3,999, now, since you cant choose a system anymore, you would have to spend $4,097 for that system. 1699 + 2398

Doesn’t feel right.

Did you try using your phone?

No sir, I am on a desktop. I know the website and its layout may be in a state of flux so take it with a grain of salt I suppose.

I believe he meant calling them on the telephone, not using your phone’s browser.

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Better deals always await those who talk rather than browse.

Just call us. We took down the system pricing because it was confusing to people. But call us and we’ll take care of you.


That stepped pricing is ridiculous.

Give PSA a call or email. They will work with you. It may not be exactly the deal you want, but they are really helpful in making things work.