Static when pausing Qobuz playback

I’m currently beta testing Qobuz and I’m also using Tidal.

I stream from a windows 2012 Server running Roon core controlled by a separate PC running Roon on windows 10. I’m streaming to a PSAudio Direct Stream Jr. over the Ethernet interface using RAAT. Both computers have Roon 1.6 installed and the PSAudio DAC is running the latest version of Snowmass (2.01)

Whenever I pause a Qobuz file that is playing, after about 5 seconds of silence, I hear a loud burst of white noise that lasts for about 1 second. This also seems to happen when Roon radio is playing music and it switches back and forth between tidal and Qobuz. I think actually happens on the switch from Qobuz to Tidal.

Has anyone run into this issue and do you know of any way to rectify it?

I’m also posting this to the Roon forums in case the problem is caused by the roon Software.

I just located the following post that seems to discuss the issue I’m having:

I get a static burst when going from Qobuz to Tidal or even my NAS. It doesn’t happen all the time. I reached out to Qobuz but they told me to speak with Roon. I haven’t reached out to Roon given it only happens with Qobuz and I’m not planning on keeping Qobuz after my trial expires.

The thread that mycrowave posted above has the info you need to fix the issue.

Thanks for the info

I had the same issue with Qobuz, only with hi-res files. PSA service guys had me roll back to Bridge 3.6.2, which cured the static thing. But my sound quality suffered and lost its magic. I went back to 3.6.17 got back to the best sonics I’ve ever had in my living room.

For now I’m living with the glitch and tell myself it’s like a sloppy needledrop on an LP.

But my hope is that with the public US release of Qobuz on Thursday, there will soon be enough demand for PSA to justify spending the resources to get the Bridge code fixed.

I wonder why the sound improves going from 3.6.2 to 3.6.17? I hadn’t noticed any difference but I didn’t really listen that hard because I was so happy to end the sloppy needle drops. 3.6.17 has a bunch of bug fixes, but then updates to the latest MQA and Roon RAAT code.

Yeah I don’t know why, but to my ears it was undeniable.

Roon pointed me to the topic that I linked to above.

I have similar noise when playing 24-96 files.I am not using Tidal or Qobuz…just Roon streaming from my NAS. Afraid to damage speakers.I would love a solution to this problem.