How about concert photos?

Yes, the face reflected all the emotions of the story, every one of the big parts of the setting moved quite a lot and the best scene was when Gilda’s soul went to heaven, the hot-air balloon with herwent up and the face (the nose was present in the time before) watched after her. This was spooky.

Nice weather yes and every seat taken (all vaccinated/tested etc.)

My experiences of open-air opera have all been wet or windy. We had a rather large rotating head indoors for Krol Roger a few years ago. After Rigoletto we have the welcome return of Magic Flute and the ROH’s rather wonderful 25 metre long serpent, then Jenufa, a new show delayed by Covid and La Traviata (a new production in 1994, with Georghiu and Alagna under Solti - it made Georghiu a global star - the first opera I saw with my wife - this time with Oropesa as Violetta), plus Satyagraha at English National Opera, which was so good I have to see it again. Plus a ballet schedule. I think we will have to make some hard choices.

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not my musical scene, but what’s with the giant stage heads?
if it were Iron Maiden (or perhaps Spinal Tap, a lot of similarities there!) I would expect laser beams shooting out of the eyes :slight_smile:

Radiohead spent a lot of time firing lasers at Arsenal supporters, which is fair game.

The Royal Opera went laser crazy about 6 or 7 years ago, especially for a piece called Woolf Works (as in Virginia Woolf), with new music composed by Max Richter. It was a massive success.


A laser version of Don Giovanni was rather memorable. It’s back this autumn.

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it amuses me to recall (i think it was Sheffield) city council and others stopping Hawkwind using lasers at their gigs there for fear of these new fangled death rays!

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Well, not of the concert (turned
off my phone by then), but this…

The pics aren’t award winners but BOC sounded plenty great last Saturday at our favorite small venue in Rocky Mount, VA. Buck still “kills it” on guitar. Not sure how long these old timers can continue.


First indoor show with a full house since March 2020. FirsT night of the autumn season. Where is everyone?

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Calexico (circa 2007… I think)


The Clientele - also circa 2007. Yes, I have a particular style


Found them at the bar.

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