How can i have my account destroyed?

I can’t close it myself

I am sorry, what is it you wish to do?

Forget PS Audio. My right arm being paralysed (there were not only american soldiers in Afghanistan), I can’t drive yet. My brother will come ASAP and we’ll bring my outdated PS-Audio to garbade. I even offered my new wave phono for free (well shipping fees + custom fees) today and am expecting a voucher. I gave my point of view to you son yesterday. Ive forwarded you the mail. BTW, tried to got in touch with your french distributor about the availibility in France ofTSS : no answer yet. It’s great to protect distributors but when they do their job (he is still sealing P5, that unfair to sell discontinued items without letting buyers know. The last price list is from 2018

That’s what is actually sold in France.
You had a very bad review for your P12 in a high end forum. I tried to help giving another point of view.
I was wrong, stuck with my 3 AC12 cables bought on E-Bay (500 euros each), I’ll send one to PS-Audio to be 100% sure those are fakes, this will cost me shipping but at least, I’ll know.
Wish you the best for the future

There is no need to close or delete your account if you no longer want to visit or post. Just stop logging in if you would like a break.

You are very welcome to return and post at any time.

I am very sorry about your arm. My right arm is partially paralyzed from a severe accident. I cannot imagine how difficult it would be if it were worse.

Thank you for your service!

Best wishes.


Well’ we are alive. But their would be no need for makup if I played Frankenstein : so many wounds.
Take care

Sigh. I liked him.


Think his frustration is with the importer of PS AUDIO in France.
I am living in France as well, and its true that PS Audio information and pricelist is outdated.
Also there is no trade-in program as PS Audio does in the USA.
Which is too bad.
But there is one importer in Europe who is trying to change that.
Asperia Audio is the PS Audio importer for the BeNeLux,(Belgium,Netherlands and Luxembourg)
and they have a similar trade-in program like the USA.
Only the website is in Dutch.
So things are not easy in the EU, (no surprise there :=)
I think customers prefer direct sales .(IMHO)


“If you wish to terminate this Agreement or your PS Audio Inc. account, you are solely responsible for properly canceling your account.”
The only problem is that the owner of an account can’t cancel it.
@Elk, it is your duty as you’ve edited one of my posts this night.
“At PS Audio Inc. we allow users on our forums to create Content which is user-generated and respect the fundamental right to speak freely. However, this is an online community so please be respectful and reasonable while communicating with others. Since third parties independently upload their Content to our Service, we are not liable for any defamatory Content posted on our website if published by a third party. We are a passive service that only hosts Content generated by users we do not alter or produce any Content submitted.”

So my post violated the rules so
“PS Audio Inc. may terminate your account for violating one or more of your responsibilities, for violating applicable international, federal or state law, any other provision in this Agreement, the Privacy Policy or for any other lawful purpose or at our discretion, with or without notice.”


Thanx so much for this info but the trade in is only for Benelux (Luxembourg, Belgium, Netherlands) not France

May be PS-Audio could investigate the potential problems with their French distributor and eventually as Asperia Audio to be also the distributor for France.

What does @Paul think about that. We are two (not that many lol) assessing there is a problem in France (with facts), may be it’s up to PS-AUDIO US

  • either to fix that bug, the is at least a solution, they can also allow Asperia to do direct sale to France with their trade in.
  • either be franck an tell they don’t care a dam

Anyway, I have to buy from another brand as I want a ripper.

Friendly regard Peter

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