How can I open up a Directstream DAC to add a new fuse?

I want to open the DAC up to see where a new fuse would go.

Do I just unscrew the screws on the bottom or do I have to unhook some other things to get it open?

The pictures I seen online of the insides have the top removed & not the bottom removed.
Does the clear top slide off or something?

There are 4 dark screws at roughly four corners on the inside edges. You remove only those. I use a commercial glass and mirror suction device to remove the cover. Some are really stubborn to remove.

You mean 4 screws on top?

So the top mirror top is just supposed to lift off? Not slide off? It’s not held in place by plastic holders or glue is it?

On the bottom. Then flip it over onto it’s bottom and lift off the top. The four screw secure the cover only. I use the glass and mirror suction device because it works and doesn’t damage the surface as long as you’re careful. There are little foil contacts that may come off. Also it helps to take a picture incase you can’t figure everything out when it goes back together.

Oh, o.k. thank you. I’ll try that right now.

Welp, I just stripped one of the screws trying to get them off. I’m assuming these 4 screws are the length of the DAC?

The first few minutes of this video may be useful.


That helped a lot. I’m off to the hardware store to buy 4 “all threads”. I’ll bring the screws to make sure they match up in size.

It is the four outer screws on the bottom.

Finally done it. That was a stressful 30 minutes lol

The All threads I bought were too long & would bend when I tried pushing them down to pop up the top cover. I had to push each one by hand to loosen the top. I grabbed them with a towel & pushed as hard as I could. Then I flipped them & tried wiggling the unit, not applying too much pressure so it won’t bend. I finally took it off.

Now do the fuse holders just unplug? They seem tightly connected. Can they be just pulled off with my fingers?

Also is there a right way to know which direction a directional fuses are supposed to go?

Yes, the fuse holders should pop off with just your fingers.
Also, just in case you did not know, only one of the 2 fuses are active.

There is no consensus on fuse direction of which I am aware. Try the fuse both ways and listen to decide which you like better. You can, of course, use the DAC without the cover on as you decide.

Is it the left or right one that is active? Assuming I am facing the DS with the LCD screen in front of me?

I am pretty sure the active one is on the left.
To prove it to yourself, pull the one on the right and make sure the DS still powers up.