Installing fuse: Which screws to remove?

I’m wanting to replace the fuse in a DirectStream Senior.

I’m ready to go with the all-threads to remove the cover. Problem is, I see many references to removing four screws, including the PS Audio video of opening a PWD.

As I look at the bottom of my DSD, I see no fewer than 20 Phillips-head screws. There are 3 near each footer, 3 along the front and rear edges, and 2 in the field.

How do I know which ones to remove? Which ones take in the all-thread?


You remove the 4 dark screws only. I use a glass fitters suction device to remove the cover.

Hmmm, all of them are black. There are no dark vs light screws.

I neglected to mention 4 more, holding the rubber feet on.

The PWD to DS upgrade kit has instructions on removal of the cover. Somewhere around here is a video of it as well.

Better to use 4-40 all thread as recommended in the guide Ted linked above…a glass suction or other means of removing the top can easily result in separating the glossy top from the metal layer below.

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Thanks, Ted.

I got in, replaced the fuse, and got out without anyone (or anything!) getting hurt.

The picture in the text guide was very helpful, more so than the video of opening a PWD to upgrade it.

I got all-threads from PS Audio for the job.

The suction cup thing might be handy for scaling glass buildings.

I have six PS Audio components and the cover only comes off a few of them easily. If you’ve removed the correct screws, then the cover comes off easily. You’re asking for trouble if you try to jimmy the cover with something rigid. I find the suction device to be fail proof.

All’s good, however it happens. Any idea can be a good solution. I just happened to get mine done with the all-threads, as prescribed by PS Audio.

I think I’ll go for the Spider-Man costume later this month. :grinning: I used to rock climb, so it could be fun.

I use a suction device, Harbor Freight has them cheap.
FYI, if your DS or other component should happen to shift while pushing down on the 4/40 screws, you can twist the pressed nuts out of the inner shell, it happened to me.
Also, the top plate is fastened to the inner by 4 screws.
The top plate pulls the inner plate right out with a suction device.