DSD not powering up

What do I do?

It may be just a fuse. You need to get some allthreads to remove the cover to check this. You can get the allthreads fron PS Audio. Only the fuse marked digital is used the one labled analog is a good spare should the other be blown.

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Hey sixpack…help me out…why is an allthread needed ?
Is this related to the fuse holder itself…? Sure feel like
a dumbo… :grinning:

Thanks …best wishes

The all threads are basically a long screw without any head they are used to remove the top from the DAC. look at the video for upgrading the Perfectwave DAC to Directstream. they show how to use them to safely remove the top without any damage.

It’s likely the fuse. Sixpack is correct, only the digital fuse is connected in the circuit. If you swap it with the analog fuse, it should turn back on.

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