How important is it to update the firmware on the AirLens?

I’ve read several posts from owners that have done the update and then experienced problems with it.

My AirLens has been working perfectly since I got it about 3 weeks ago, is it still necessary for me to update its firmware or can I just leave it alone?

In other words, does the old saying apply here that if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it?

I have updated via Mconnet … It is simple and easy to do it this way.

Just ensure … reboot the Airlens after the download / installation, it may hang there for quite some time.


I guess I’m still wondering if firmware updates are even needed if my AL is already working perfectly.


Happy cake day! :birthday:

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A question that isn’t specific to this product. It applies to all products running firmware. I ask myself a simple question before I do a firmware update on any box I have in the house: is it working to my satisfaction? If the answer is yes, leave well enough alone.

I learned this lesson for the umpteenth and final time when I blindly accepted a firmware update for my Bryston BDP-3. I did so because I saw an update notice in the BDP web interface a firmware update was available. It was bricked. I was having no problems with it. It was a royal mess to recover from. Now I look at the change log before deciding whether any changes are addressing a problem I have (Bryston provides that change log). If it is ‘fixing’ a non-problem for me I take a pass.


Good advice.


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Happy cake day! I’m not sure I can answer your question other than to say I updated and it is working fine. May even sound a little better, though I need to caveat that mine is still breaking in so changes are happening. One minor annoyance is PS Audio continues to not provide much information, in this case none that I am aware of, on what the updates do. I would say loosely they focus on sound quality and user interface and operability. In their defense I have yet to have a serious problem with any update they have provided and I’ve done 15 or more.


Hi, I wouldn’t stress about either staying with v4.3.67 or moving to v.4.3.71. I can’t detect a difference in sound quality for either, but I figure PS Audio must have its reasons for updating the firmware, so updated via Mcontrol.

This one also required a shutdown of the AirLens for it to refresh for me.

Hi @aaronm - would it be possible for PS Audio to advise when AirLens updates are available and what the new version intends to achieve on the downloads page?

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Same here. All is well so far though…

Just updated this morning. No listening yet, though. The AirLens gets better and better every day. the “burn-in” is a real thing.

I can’t wait for the AirPlay functionality to be added…

I don’t think AirPlay will ever be added. Paul said a while back there was a one year wait for the AirPlay chip so they redesigned the circuitry without it. As (bad) luck would have it the AirLens was delayed over a year due to other issues. My experience with AirPlay through an AppleTV was not good so I don’t miss it at all.

I’m not a fan of the AppleTV for or music, either. I sold it and bought a stopgap streamer with AirPlay and other services. The WiiM Pro Plus. For a couple of c-notes it does the trick. Coax out to my DS DAC.

I’m a little supprised that Paul himself hasn’t stopped by this thread to explain how he feels about the need for updating the firmware on the AL. :thinking:

Well, here I am. I am always an advocate of the latest firmware if you can. On the AL it’s not as critical as it might be for say the DAC, but it really depends on which version you get. Sonically it won’t matter at all (unlike the DAC) but some older version of FW might hamper your access to Roon etc.


I usually fumble around with updates, but found the setup and update to the AL to be the easiest of all…

Thanks so much Paul, It’s gratifying to have the definitive answer to my question. :blush:

No worriers and sorry I didn’t respond sooner. Getting set for my trip to London and now my fricking back pain is acting up. Sucks getting old.


That’s fine Paul, I know what it’s like to have age related aches and pains.

Have a great time over there, it’s one of my favorite cites in the world.

yes it does!