How to register products


Sorry to disturb you, i’m not sure where to post this question

I’m unable to reigister my products

on Contact US from home page it show blank page , on user menu, click to reigister product it show error and unable to regist product

So how and where i can input the serial numbers of the M700s and GDC preamp

Thank you

Hi @leean
It seems registration is not working right now. I cannot even see my registered products! Probably the page is under maintenance. I would try again later.

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I suggest sending an email to James of PS Audio at

He should be able to assist.

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Thanks, @Serhan !

I looked and also cannot see my products. Good catch.


Thank you
i will email him.

@Elk Paul’s daily posts shows a blank page

Yes, and the resources are gone. Most probably there is a portal update in progress tonight US time.

Yes, a number of things missing. :frowning:

Everything is back to normal now :+1:t2:

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