Registered Products on New Site

I hope it is appropriate to post this question. Is anyone else unable to see their registered products on the new site? For some reason I get a blank page.

My registrations are there, in a pretty new format. They are on the bottom of the page (the top has registration info, etc.).

Mine show up, too, Actually, three…

All four of my pieces (300s being two) are there (with the Crosley turntable picture ironically above) reminding me that everything is out of warranty and that my DSD is very old and from 2014.

If you hover over support and then click on register products, you should see them in there.

I only get “Your registered products” at the top with rest of the page blank.

Yep, that looks broken. One of our web guys should have this fixed on Monday

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All 7 of mine show up on registration page, but only a few on the Purchase History page.
Seems like Purchase History may only go back as far as Jan 1 2020,

(little did we know how drastically our lives were about to change)

Thanks for the feedback. When I log in and access the registered products page I get a blank screen.

Same here, Only show “Your registered products” . I am using safari on my iPad.

Try clearing the browser cache.

If you go into settings, safari, scroll to the bottom and click “clear history and website data”

It’s likely the cache is conflicting with the new page, just needs clearing out.

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Thanks. Doesn’t work for me, still blank page with “Your registered products” on top.

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Same here. I tried clearing my cache on both my iPad and MacBook Pro to no avail.

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My registered products show up. My Power Play data doesn’t show up on Firefox but does show up on Edge. If I clear the cache it shows up once then disappears. They’ll get it figured out sooner or later.

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The registration site should be up and running again.

Thanks for the update. Unfortunately I still have a blank screen. See below.

That’s pretty blank. :frowning:

Weird. It’s odd that it’s working for some but not other. Hang tight for a fix.

Some of the registrations didn’t migrate properly but this should be fixed soon. Thanks for the patience.

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Really appreciate the follow up. I’m sure the team is working on the issue. Thank you.