How to replace the CD-Rom on my PWT


I have a PWT with Asus DVD drive and connected through SATA to the board. I also find that there is an IDE connector on the board. I tried to disconnect the original ASUS DVD drive and connect my IDE CD-Rom to the IDE connector, but it does not work. I have updated my PWT to the latest firmware.

Do I miss out something? Pls help.


Please check the strap on the back of the DVD drive to insure it is set to slave! IDE connections require the proper setting to function. How are you powering the drive? Are you using an adapter for the sata power cable? If so you probably could get an original cable from PS Audio. They probably still have some around. I loved my PWT with the IDE drive. It was totally reliable everything functioned as intended. I cannot say the same for it with an SATA drive. The drive originally supplied in my PWT was an Asus DVDrw. I have found that the writers seemed to perform better than the read only drives.


I missed the part where you mentioned a CD rom drive. Stick with a DVD drive.


Hi sixpack1

Thanks for your reply. I have a old Plextor Premium 2 CD-Rom and would like to replace the ASUS DVD drive. Do you recommend to do so?


I would stick to using a DVD drive as the PWT plays both CD’s and DVD recorded properly. I have found that the DVD RW drive workers best. Stick with Asus as the front of the tray will fit well. I tried many sata drives and the the re writeable worked better than the dvdrom drives. None of the sata drives worked as well as the IDE dvdrw though.


Thanks for sharing your experience.