Ps audio direct stream- volume down at 25 after restart reboot - Windom Upgrade

Dear community, dear PS audio team
I have upgraded my beautiful Ps Audio direct stream DAC to WINDOM a while ago.

still the minor problem persists that after a full restart the volume I had set to 100 is down to 25 after the reboot.
I tried to find a solution in the community and I remember there was one but I didn’t find it…

So please help me how to manage this issue, I.e. how to fix the volume to 100 even after a full restart of the DAC.

Thank you in advance for your help

This is normal operation for Windom. In fact, it was introduced during Snowmass releases. I for one am glad that the dac does this, as it saves inadvertently starting the dac and getting an unwanted very high volume level.


Very useful upgrade in my experience - some time ago when I upgraded the DSD firmware I got a large thump through the speakers. The DSD User Guide was subsequently modified to say switch off the power amp before updating. Having DSD volume set to 25 at an update is a good additional safety measure.


Indeed. Feature not bug.


I power on/off DS DAC frequently, it vol is set to 25 by default every time. I need to set the vol to 100 to feed to the pre amp. Here is my trick to turn it up to the vol 100 quickly, instead of using remote, I found that all I have to do just one touch the Vol control on LCD screen (near the right end of the bar) it will bring the Vol close to 100.

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I noticed this is because the power to the DAC is pulled instead of putting it on standby. The DAC doesn’t retain memory if it doesn’t have standby power.

Feature, not bug. So you do not blow your speakers by accident. You must turn it up yourself.

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Would be cool if in a future release you could set the startup volume. I power down my system (draws 1300w) when I am not using it.

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You are compromising the performance of the system by not letting the dac rest in standby. The temperature never gets to stabilize and all the caps need to set up with every turn on. Also every cold restart magnetizes the output transformers.

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It’s an interesting point, my challenge is leaving it on means leaving the BIT20 on which means 300w constant AC use.


This is just the stereo gear powered up. If I unplug all the sockets from the BIT20 I still use 300w. I guess that’s the trade-off with a massive toroidal transformer.

I power my whole system with a P-10 regenerator. My continuous consumption is 125 watts. My System consists of the BHK Preamp BHK250 Directstream DAC DMP NPC. My turntable is plugged into the wall.

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I’ve three Direcstreams and touching the right hand end of the volume bar doesn’t make it quickly skip to 100 (thank goodness!!!). However, if I touch the left hand end of my volume bar for more that a fraction of a second, the volume quickly ramps down to zero. I don’t know whether it’s the way the screen has been set up (i.e. which order the four corners are pressed) that causes the difference in the way things are working for you versus for me. I don’t think it’s anything to do with the version of firmware.

In my case, touch any place of vol bar, the vol will ramp down / up to the touched location. I saw the vol number decrease/ increase to reach that spot. It does not just “jump” to that place. If “jump” might be a problem… luckily, I did not feed my DS DAC directly to power amp. It feeds to a pre amp.

I’ve just tried pressing within the volume bar. You’re 100% correct, I suspect that when I think I’m tapping the volume down position I am in fact pressing the bar near the bottom - I guess when I want to increase volume I’m better at missing the bar and just pressing the + position (rather than the bar).