How to update PWD Firmware


I can’t find it and I’m tired of looking for it. If you can post a link TYVM.


How to update PerfectWave firmware

One of the beauties of the PerfectWave DAC and Transport products is the ease of which we can add features, update software and keep your device current and operating flawlessly. This is accomplished through updates to the firmware inside each unit. The firmware is the operating instructions the PerfectWave system uses to run the device.

Installing new firmware on the PerfectWave products is a really simple procedure. The entire update is stored on an SD memory card (similar to what you might find in a digital camera for memory). The necessary files are loaded onto the SD card, placed in the rear of the PerfectWave product when the AC power is off, then the files are automatically loaded as soon as the AC power is connected. It’s really that easy.

The simplest way to handle the update is to ask your dealer to either assist you or actually perform it for you. If you want the dealer to handle everything, this will most likely require you to return the unit to the dealer for the few minutes it takes to upgrade the software.

You can easily handle the upgrade yourself if you wish. To do this upgrade yourself, there are two options: download the software, add it to the SD memory card and install it. Or, you can purchase a pre-programmed SD card directly from PS Audio for $19.95 (shipped anywhere in the world) and simply install it in the unit. Either way you choose, the update is easy. If you wish to purchase the pre-loaded SD card, please click here to go to our shopping cart and order the SD card package to be sent to you.

Installing the firmware upgrade yourself

Most customers will simply install the firmware upgrade themselves because it is so easy to do. Here is an overview of the steps and then we’ll do it step by step.


Download the files, copy the files to a blank SD memory card using your computer to do so, making sure the power is off on the PerfectWave product, insert the SD card into the PerfectWave and turn the power back on. The front panel logo light will blink indicating the upgrade is taking place and when the unit is ready to play again, simply remove the SD card and you’re done.

Check to see what version you have installed

To check what firmware is currently on your PerfectWave product you need to access the setup screen. Turn the power to the PerfectWave off through the rear panel switch. Then turn it back on. As soon as you see the PS logo appear on the front panel touch screen, touch and hold your finger on the logo until the setup screen appears. From here you can see the unit ID, the firmware installed and set the front panel touch screen brightness if you wish.

Download the files

You should have received an email giving you a link to download the appropriate files for the particular update. If you did not, contact us and we’d be happy to make sure you get the correct links to download.

Download the files onto your computer. It’s easiest in many cases to place them on the desktop of either your MAC or Windows computer. This just simply helps locate them. If you received the files in a zip folder you must first unzip the files. Do NOT try and add the zip file itself to the SD card. The PerfectWave cannot read a zip file.

You will need a standard SD memory card to load the files onto. You can only use a standard SD card that does not exceed 2gB in size. Ultra, Ultra II SDHC SD cards cannot be read in the PerfectWave. Make sure the SD card is a standard version.

Place the SD card in an SD card reader connected to either your MAC or Windows computer. SD card readers and low cost and easy to acquire. They typically plug into your computer’s USB connection and self install. Most computer setups already have access to this type of card reader. Some cards have a lock on them that prevents data being removed or added – make sure this is unlocked.

Once the computer recognizes the SD card in the reader, double click to see the contents. Make sure the SD card is empty and formatted. Most are. If there is content on the SD card, it’s best to erase the content and clear the card.

With a cleared SD card, simply drag the PS Audio update files you downloaded from our servers onto the card. Make sure you see all the files on the SD card. Make sure there is not a zip file on the SD card.

Load the firmware

Turn off your system’s power amplifier. This will make sure that when you turn the power off on either PerfectWave product you don’t get any unwanted pops and noises.

Turn power off on the PerfectWave product. To do this, reach around the back of the unit and switch off the power. Check to see if there is an SD card installed already. Typically, the PWT is shipped with an SD card either included or installed. The PWD is typically shipped without an SD card.

If there is an SD card installed, push on the card to get it out. The card will pop out for you. Note that the card is installed upside down.

Install the new card with the firmware on it. Make sure the card goes in upside down as shown in the picture. Make sure it click into place.

Turn the rear panel power switch on. If everything is going properly, the front panel logo light will begin to blink, indicating the firmware is being loaded. It will keep blinking until the entire code has been loaded. Once fully loaded, the PerfectWave will restart and be ready for operation.

Remove the card and you’re done

You can now remove the SD card. If it is a PWT, install the original SD card back into the slot so you can get cover art and song titles to appear on the front panel (if you’re connected to the internet). The PerfectWave DAC does not have an SD card installed.

You can check the front panel setup screen to verify you have the latest update completed successfully if you wish. If the logo light on the front panel did not start blinking then the firmware was not installed. Call us for help or email our service department.


Woot, Elk beat me to it. There’s a help section in the support area at ; scroll down to find it for the PWD.

One of the things I do is just use the SD card that’s already in the PWD. When you pull it out, put it into your computer and take all the files in the root directory, create a new folder called “archive” and transfer all the old files to the ‘archive’ folder. Then take the new files you get in the download and put them into the root directory of the SD card. Then do as instructed above (shut power off with rear switch, insert SD card contacts facing up, turn on power switch. If you’ve done it correctly, the unit will rapidly blink the front panel (blue) switch as it’s installing the firmware. The screen will show progress of the firmware load, shut off, and then do a complete reboot as if you turned the power on for the first time.

Let us know if you need any more help.



A BIG thank you to both of youses!


Tip: If you have to format a sd card it must be the FAT format!

Note: The firmware update notification on the website dosn’t work! ( not for me anyway)


My PWD has been stable for over a month after a year of acrimony, dammit we even respect each other now. But this FW keeps calling my name, and keeps saying you want me, you need me over and over again… I’m scared!

Elk said: Install the new card with the firmware on it. Make sure the card goes in upside down as shown in the picture. Make sure it click into place.

That means contact side up.


One thing I want to point out. There will be those among you that make the leap and then decide you want to go back to an earlier version. Make sure you know what that earlier version is because it isn’t the same for all PWD’s. Depending on the age of the PWD, there are certain minimum firmware version requirements or the front panel touch screen won’t work.

Just check your version that’s working for you now before you upgrade. That’s the easiest.

A BIG thank you to both of youses!

Woot! Woot! I forgot to mention that if you do decide to use the old SD card and stuff the old files into an archive folder you need to leave the "cover art" file in the root directory, otherwise the cover art feature won't work.

Just put files that have the same names as the new files into the archive folder.

If you use the old SD card you don't have to reformat or worry about getting one that's too big (2 GB was the upper limit)



@streets still works

Actually, the cover art file is constantly being rebuilt.

You can wipe the sd card clean and the PWD will rebuild the art file.

In fact, I recommend that HIGHLY.


Oh, so the SD card just has to be installed, then.

OK, good to know.



I always format the card. If for any reason it comes out of its place on the PWD it gets formatted, reason to or not. Since following this practice it has been reliable. FW works first time, and album art is visible in seconds.


Maybe it is possible to make a firmware installation video?

And then put that video on the website under “support”


@2fast4you - it is too easy to warrant the work to make a video.

@2fast4you - it is too easy to warrant the work to make a video.

Just like explaining how to ride a bicycle in text or on the phone.right?
I'll do it for $100 per video and will ALSO guarantee a jump in sales and drop in support calls @psa and my house! Demystify all the products and processes.
I will even agree to make the videos with Andrew Benjamin.
In that case, I will also guarantee YouTube viral. >:)


You’re on. Make the video. I’ll give you $100. Can’t wait. Can you do it today?


I didn’t get the $100o yet. =))


@elk is right. What a heart stopping moment? Just load unzipped files into your PWD.

Elk said: If you received the files in a zip folder you must first unzip the files. Do NOT try and add the zip file itself to the SD card. The PerfectWave cannot read a zip file.

Do we need more than this? I think it is pretty clear.


How important is it to upgrade the Bridge firmware? I’ll be moving from DAC 2.1.0 to 2.4.3. My Bridge is currently 2.13c. I’ve had no issues with the Bridge and would like to keep it that way, so maybe I shouldn’t mess with success, unless the current version is definitely better for SQ or reliability.