Update failures

My PerfectWave DirectStream is not accepting any sd updates.
I have tried everything.

Any thoughts. PC and Mac show the correct stuff on the SD.

The SD card needs to be formatted FAT32 and the unit prefers smaller cards; e.g., 2GB.

The update files must be in the root directory, not in a folder. After transferring the files to the SD card, use the operating system’s eject function

Be certain the lock slider is in the unlocked position.

Be certain the SD car is being inserted in the correct way (pins up as I recall).

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You also might want to clean the pins on the SD card with a pencil eraser and insert it and remove it a few times in the DAC before you power the DAC on.


Also there was a trick to change serial number of update in one file o SDcard to force upgrade, but i can’t recall the details. However this is possibly not required anymore with newer firmwares…?

Are you trying to update to Windom? If so, I can send you some files that most people have luck with.

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Yes , Windom. That might be helpful. Thank you.

That worked, of course it took a half hour to find a pencil in my house!!:worried::worried::worried:.

Thank you Ted