I like WINE too:

When I was younger, I couldn’t collect wine, I drank it too fast. Now that I’m old I can’t even drink what I buy let alone the wine in my wine storage rack that holds 500 Bottles.

You poor dear @watchdog507 … I’ll send you my address.


I was gonna call you “amateur”, but since we’re all old here, I thought the better of it. :slight_smile:

500 bottles. A tough problem I wish I had. :slight_smile:

It’s actually at the side of my audio room so I don’t go too far for a drink


Beeyatch! :cowboy_hat_face:

I can see a new thread: “Show Us Your Wine Cellar”

A/K/A, grape expectations


… and I’m sure it tames the first-order reflections. If not… whatever.

Eventually it does, I’m sure! :roll_eyes:

Hard to get a good photo.


386 out of 440 possible bottles… I’m slacking.

My home wine making gear

Did I mention that I love wine… :thinking:



Love it! My Vinothèque is a double stack which is space efficient but far less convenient.

My house was built in 1952 and included a bomb shelter in the basement. Makes a nice wine cellar! Not perfect temperature control but stays between about 58 and 68 year around, so I’m content.


Pretty damn good! And a bomb shelter for a wine cellar is… well, bitchin’

And convenient. When World War 3 rolls around you know where to find me.

You wouldn’t happen to be located near SoCal would you? I’ve got a killer whiskey collection. :wink:

Dude! You’re killing me! I’m up in Seattle.

Close enough. They both start with an “S”. You prefer Scotch, American Single Malt, or Bourbon? I’m also a pretty damn good cook.

I’ll bet there’s some hints of coffee…