I think I have finished my Audio Journey

It has been a 20 year journey.

A day or two ago I installed the Bridge II update and this coincided with my directstream burning in after 46 days 24/7. The switch was just as dramatic as the Directstream junior I had for the last two years.

And sitting here listening…I think I’m done. I have never felt that way but I do now.

I just MUST stay away from anymore demos or audio clubs. That is the danger; once you hear something better you just cant go back. Like going from the snort to the needle.

I am happy. Thank you PSA.


Congrats! I believe learning to enjoy what we already have is a learned skill and requires practice

Always remember that speaker position tweaking is free and can be quite effective to satisfy the itch when it inevitably comes a knockin’ :wink:

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T So, you’ve been after this for 20 years? So sorry, man, you only think you’re done! :grinning:


@tonydennison: Have you started working on isolating and removing noise from your digital stream “up river” from the Bridge II Ethernet card yet?

Tee hee. :laughing:


(This is a fake sentence to please the stupid AI rules…jeez what a worthless pain)


(This is a fake sentance to please AI rule nosense)

What issue are you having?

I don’t think Tony is aware of the fact that you have set us free of the minimum character prison.

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When ever i post i get a block asking “are you sure this is a complete sentence”

Wont let me post unless it likes my grammer…i dont really see the point of it…maybe there is one.

Drama Llama

What the

I don’t have that issue…see above.

Now to the OP: that’s awesome! Now stop reading forums, reviews or anything else. Just enjoy what you have!


I cannot get the system to do it.

But do not blame llamas. Having lived with llamas and alpacas I can report they are exceedingly calm and laid back.

FYI, I have had this issue on occasion as well.

Going to try and duplicate it.


^^No grammar and no problem…


I think I may have fixed it. I think it has to do with minimum body entropy.

Please let me know if you run into it again.


Ok…went throigh that time…strange… maybe paul was evesdropping…hmmmmmm


Unlikely, given Paul reads the forum via email. :slight_smile:

You are welcome. Again, let me know of any other problems.