I2S cable advice

Had my eye out for one, of the PS Audio AC-12 HDMIs, seems to be rather rare.

Nailed it IMO. Considering the diversity in systems within the community, which is why I am takin the HDMI cable approach with caution. That and my ideal is not hyoer detail or hyper resolution. The WW just makes sense n=based on my experience and my system. It is a great starting point, or reference for me. Should I decide to move up down the road, only time will tell. There is always someone in the wings intending to de-throne the king.

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Persistance pays off. I have seven of them bought over the years, ranging from 85 to 195 each. :slight_smile:

That many HDMI cables? Or the PSA AC12 series. I did invest in a set of PSA AC12 PCs at 1 meter length for the summer home system. Spending big bucks on cable for a system that sees use 4-5 months of the year didn’t seem proper.

If you like the sound of the PS Audio AC-12, you might want to look for the free 1/2m HDMI cable that comes with the DMP. It sounds clearer than the AC-12 and I was enjoying it for awhile until I fell into the rabbit hole of cables.

You will be happy with it. I have PST as well and they are a good match.

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Well I only have one home. All seven are AC-12 HDMI–I have even more than that of the AC-12 power cables. But only two of those AC-12 HDMI cables are in use for audio–once I saw what they do for video I got them for my audio-video system (one for the DVR to TV, one from the Oppo UDP=205, one from the AppleTV to the powered splitter, one from the splitter to the Oppo UDP-205, and the last fro the splitter to the TV.) They are fantastic video HDMI cables

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I had one of those. I gave it away to a member here. For my system it was harsh and thin.

That 1/2m cable is more revealing cable, I heard more detail, it’s just revealing more of what your system sounds like. You may need a duller system for this cable if it sounds too bright.

Well, that’s your take. Not mine. Detail level seemed on par with others I’ve used, and I can control EQ on my system with my Decware ZROCK2. But the overall sound did not have a character I liked.


There is no one size fits all with cables, it’s how it compliment your system. It’s best if you can try before you buy. But in my system as well as my brother’s I heard more air and background instruments were more present and distinct with this cable than the AC-12. Of course other systems can have different results.

I don’t disagree. In my system this one was a definite “no.”

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Yes, all component demos are system dependent and the title of “The Greatest” can seem an everyday occurrence, but, PSA’s design preference for the I2S connection puts a premium on a cable that has historically put audio performance on a second seat. I think we are benefiting from recent designs that use silver and air dielectrics, for example, that have been used for years in standard cables.
I stand by my claim that there are easily discernible differences between the HDMI models in question. I have listed to many signal and power cable demos and most of the time it is a “pick your flavor” for you system. I think we are in the infancy of the HDMI as a high end audio device and we will be benefiting from those designers and companies that focus on it.

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My thought is HDMI audio cables are too limited in their implementation to rely on a competitive product. Typically target video/home theater applications. I wonder just how many HDMI audio applications (as in I2S) there are put there. Budget wise I’m looking for an HDMI solution from a reputable and reliable source at a price below $600. The AQ Dragon is not a consideration at this time.

PAD put out a new Diamond Revision HDMI that seems to meet your criteria



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Thanks. Years ago I had a set of Colossus cables, Enjoyed them quite a bit. Will check it out.

The Wireworld Silver Sphere is a good sounding hdmi at a price well below your limit.
And The Cable Co has a 20% promo going now.


Thanks Ron.

AQ Thunderbird 48 might be a good consideration. You can check out TMR and get a price to where it’s close to your neighborhood.

+1 on the Wireworld Silver Sphere at $300 retail. It smoked my AQ Mocha / Coffee between my Matrix and DS Sr.

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