I2S cable advice

Not too close to the Tubulus Concentus either. That’s all that I’ve to compare.

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One thing I try to keep in mind when performing upgrades, there will always be better, be it today, or tomorrow. What matters is that it works for your situation, both economically and sonically. Thank-you for sharing your experience, and options to other highly regarded I2S interconnects.


Thanks, I just made a good guess & satisfied with the results.


Currently burning in the recently purchased Ricable HDMI.
I am amazed at the performance of the Ricable Supreme HDMI cable at $58!!!

But what is this cable rigid!! :sweat:

I used to use many Ricable products (mainly Invictus line). Are you Italian? Never heard other members on this forum using them before…

Very good quality at that prices!

Now I’m using AQ Dragon both for digital and power, with Iconoclast for ICs.

Hi Luca,

No i’m Dutch.
Can you tell me something about the difference in SQ between the Ricable HDMI and the Dragon?

Further i’m using AQ Tornado PC and MIT cables for ic and speaker.

I found out about Ricable iS2 cables from this video. The price was right so I ordered two and they shipped it to me from Italy to Virginia at a reasonable price. I think it sounds great, but I do not have another iS2 cable to compare it to.

Stop thinking about it and enjoy it!


@aangen this is going to be my new theme to the end of the year - no more purchases - wish me luck …


Thanks for posting this. I ordered one to try between PST and DSD. I really like OCC done right, and the price is very reasonable.

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To the end of year? that is an eternity if you are a member of this forum, and you are. :joy:


Well to be honest its been a big 6 months and its time to stop and time to enjoy. I haven’t gone a dragon but found the i2s cable argument below the dragon a little horses for courses and i think its probably is a case of locking in on something and enjoying

Few Changes over the past 6 months

Purples everywhere
Iconocast Rel Sub cables x 2
Oh a New Rel 812 sub
New Syn Atmosphere X Reference USB cable
Solid Tech reference racks x 2
gryphon VIP Powercords x 2
Furutech cable lifters
Furutech power points with covers
I2s Cable afterdark
Plixiar power supplies
oh and i just reorder Wirewold HDMI replacements for the whole HT system

In review this forum has a lot to answer for :slight_smile:


Nice going! At first, I thought this forum was free too. :money_mouth_face:

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Until a few months ago Ricable was totally unknown on this forum, I sometimes reported about their cables here as I used to use lots of them.

I started with Magnus line then upgraded full loom to Invictus line, personalized sizes and colors each time, Mr.Sergio Modenesi (founder and owner) is a very kind and competent person I invite you to directly contact him.
He helped me so much at the beginning of my audiophile journey, so I sincerely have to thank him for his patience and lots of email he sent to guide me during several months.

I used in my (at the time) system Ricable power cords, RCAs and XLRs, speaker cables. I returned him lots of cables for upgrades or resizing and his policy has always been each time very helpful (value as new if you buy new cables - see Ricable trade in conditions on the website)

I tried also their USB and HDMI top of the line cables.

Long story short: I had to say him goodbye only because I discovered AQ Dragon and Iconoclast otherwise I’d been continued to use their products.

As for your question about HDMI in particular: IMO, to my ears, in my room… AQ Dragon HDMI 48 is simply in another league using PST > DSD DAC and Matrix > DSD DAC. Compared to Ricable the Dragon gives you transformational results with openness, richness, clarity, detail and soundstage. Totally a different sound, for better! Ricable products are truly well made, they use furutech plugs and I’m gratefully happy to have been one of their customer.

But was time ago at the start of my journey, things came growing as my expectations and experiences.


I am using mine between the PST and DSD too. I bought a second iS2 cable to use between the AirLens and the DSD when released.

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Cool! Mine should be here in a few days. I’ll put it in use for video for a bit to break in and then try it for audio use.


My cable arrived an hour ago, and as I had the system all warmed up and ready to roll I decided to just try it between the PST and DSD and not break it in on a video device.

I have to say that I am quite pleased with the sound so far. Right from the start a nice touch of warmth that isn’t hiding a lot of detail. Thanks for the tip. I’ll be enjoying this for a while I think. Very well made cable, very reasonably priced, excellent service.