I2S cable advice

The Ricable OCC I mentioned above.

SQ changes over time.
My advice is give the cable more play time.

I will, I’ll check it in between the PST and DSD again in a few weeks. Though it’s been my experience that after about 100 hours or so a cable has revealed most of its eventual character.

The PS Audio AC-12 HDMI is really hard to beat. I won’t spend 500 to 1000 on a cable, which is what I think I would have to to beat it.


As a new PST and DSD owner I’m happy to join the I2S discussion as I’ve yet to find a cable for the set yet. I wonder why PSA doesn’t continue to have their own proprietary product. You’d think in order to ensure perfect symmetry and performance they’d still make or better yet include one with the purchase of both units.

I am really very sad that the last HDMI cable I bought was a steal at $1250. It easily bested everything else I tried.

See the slope, I can show you the results at the bottom.

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Cheap cable that provides certificates or cable that is expensive and does not provide certificates?

Cheaper than $10, replaced the kimber hd29s I used

I did check back on this cable and it didn’t change much. A great cable for the price, but my PS Audio AC-12 HDMI is back in place. I love this PS Audio cable.

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I understand that you, like all of us, want maximum performance at minimal investment. But, the consensus here, which I support, is that the AQ Dragon is the current end game. No contest. Not even close. We just think our experiences could save you some time. Or, you can borrow several from the Cable Co. to try out, or you can purchase from small guys like Revelation Audio to test. Been there, done that. You might be a few hundred dollars short of contentment but why sit in second class.


I have owned four levels of HDMI from AQ alone (vodka, Coffee, Firebird, and Dragon), and before that I had a Pearl HDMI and another brand around $100 a while back. The higher the level of AQ, the better the SQ is.

AQ Dragon48 is the best out there I believe currently, but AQ Firebird48 is a close second with quite a bit discount from Dragon.


I found a new Carbon 48 for 80$ and bought it as a beginners I2S basis for later use with the upcoming Airlens. I think it will do it until I’m willing to try what’s really hip.

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That is a very good deal, I think. All AQ 48 series are an improvement over the previous generation. :+1: