iFi LAN iSilencer

This seems quite interesting. Less boxes and in-line installation for galvanic isolation:

LAN iSilencer by iFi audio - LAN iSilencer (ifi-audio.com)

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I installed a similar product from Pink Faun ($150 including shipping from Europe). My networked files, played from my NAS to the DS DAC via the Bridge, definitely sound better with the isolator in place. I haven’t heard the iFi version, but clearly such products are worth experimenting with.


Raises two questions for me:

  1. Do products like this provide benefits that meet or exceed those by audiophile network switches?

  2. Will iFi release an ethernet switch?

I had the Pink Faun as well, it has a very good smoothing effect on the overall sound, but as it’s like everything else audio, the device is system dependent. Once a system progress pass a point, the smoothing effect might be a bit too much.

The iFi device is definitely interesting and is price right.

A month or so after installing the Pink Faun isolator, I replaced my cheap office-supply store network switch with an EE 8switch. The switch did make an improvement, but only a modest one. The network isolator did much more. Perhaps the switch would have made a greater difference if the Pink Faun were not already in place (but I was too lazy to test).

I have never tried the iFi LAN filter or the Pink Faun isolator, but I was disappointed by the performance of the EMO EN-70HD network isolator. This product is often used in isolating medical equipment from static discharges, as well as for audio uses. It has no relation to the ENO Ethernet filters produced by Network Acoustics in the UK. In my system, the EN-70HD smoothed out the sound of my Ethernet feed, but it also reduced the impact of transients from percussion instruments and made the high frequencies sound rolled off and less lifelike. After trying this isolator, I decided to try the Network Acoustics ENO filter instead even though it was significantly more expensive. The ENO filter suppressed noise and smoothed out the sound of my streaming system without smothering the high frequencies or reducing the liveliness of the music.

Given the low cost of the iFi isolator, it may be worth a try for potential users, but I will be keeping my ENO filter or considering upgrading to Network Acoustic’s more advanced version called the Muon. Compared to adding an EE 8switch to my system, the ENO filter affected the sound quality more significantly, although the 8switch did have some positive effects. I would expect greater improvements from more expensive switches such as the Melco or the Innuos PhoenixNet.


I am sure IFI Lan and Pink Faun work fine, but it is like everything else the cost matters. I am sure an expensive audiophile network switch will outperform them. I was considering them until I purchased a SoTM “Christmas Edition” Lan Isolator. It was at a higher cost than both, but it made a very noticeable improvement.

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Same experience for me using the Acoustic Revive LAN Isolator.

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I use both of them, the Pink Faun LAN isolator and the PhoenixNET switch. I think the cumulative effect is remarkable and am very happy with them in my system.
Each time I tried without one of them didn’t like the results, they are still here to stay.

Not sure about these particular devices but I tried a medical grade passive isolator and it was okay. Once I got the EtherRegen it was a real sonic benefit.

Acoustic Revive claim that their LAN isolator also incorporates a choke coil which medical isolators lack and hence are better at eliminating noise.

AR LAN Isolator.

I used the iSilencer for five days between a network cable and the streaming transporter.
My impression is that it seemed to supress high frequency transients and made the soundstage more two-dimensional.
It is now seeing service between the cable modem and the router, out of the signal path between the NAS and the streamer.
I purchased this more on a whim rather than to correct a discernable problem.


I used to use a Wyred4Sound USB Recovery and then later an iFi Audio iPurifier3, and both had similar results to your findings. With some music it wasn’t as noticeable, but on other music, especially very familiar music, it was noticeable.

This is why I stopped using either. The trade-offs were greater than the gains.

In my review of the Shunyata USB cable, I have reached the some conclusion. the little thing is on the way back to Amazon as we speak.

The only thing I think I’m going to do is purchase an 8m long AudioQuest Pearl RJ/E ethernet cable that I’ll be running in the wall, up into the attic, and back down the other wall behind the system. Maybe even a short 1m one to go from the modem to the router as well.

If you can find it, the Inakustik Reference Cat7 is an exceptional ethernet cable. I do not know if they sell it in that length. I bought it from a European site some time ago. It may be a bit more expensive than AQ Pearl, but it is better.


Issue Details
Noise and jitter are routine to measure, yet I see NO data demonstrating the effectiveness of the LAN iSilencer. Instead, I see marketing nonsense calling it “Gigatastic.” That leads me to be extremely skeptical - where’s the proof that this product does ANYTHING? Your failure to provide substantiating evidence supporting this product’s claims will be taken and widely publicized as your tacit admission that your product is nothing but Snake Oil. Please don’t insult your customers with inane marketing gibberish. Sheesh!

Dec. 6, 2023
Hi Paul,

Thank you for getting in touch with your feedback on the LAN iSilencer, I’m sorry that you do not believe that it helps with the noise and jitter. We of course disagree and so do many of our customers, I urge you to try it and see for yourself.

Once I have more information from our technical leads, I will pass this along to you. Perhaps it is an oversight to not include test data but the true test is whether people keep using the product and people keep using the product because it works.

Best regards,

FWIW I use various iFi purifiers, e.g. AC, DC and USB. I believe my system sounds better with them than without and can see no reason for the Lan version not to be as good as the other items. I’ve just ordered one (although it’s not critical to me).


I use an Everstar ethernet isolator at my streamer and at my Apple TV. I’ve A/B’d with and without and the difference is not subtle. A great tweak and a real keeper. Has anyone compared the Everstar to the iFi LAN Silencer? Just curious.

My iFi LAN iSilencer arrived and it clearly works. The image is tighter and the individual elements of a recording are easier to hear/separate. I was pleased enough to order another.