IFi SupaNova power cables with Powerplant?

Just ordered a couple of the iFi SupaNova Power Cables based on some very positive feedback I’ve received from other users.

I intend to try these with my Pass Labs 260.8 mono blocks. The question is, do I continue to power these amps through my P15 Power Plant, or will this negate the benefits of the PP and I’m I better off powering the amps from the wall and freeing up some space on the PP for other components that could benefit?

From the website:

The SupaNova adds a cylindrical housing partway down its length. This contains our proprietary Active Noise Cancellation II technology.

ANC I I actively eliminates far more noise across the frequency range than a passive product, even across the lower frequencies. We use inverse noise current to cancel out the noise in the mains signal.

Interesting looking cable…

Looking forward to your listening impressions…

It looks like these only come in one length. I find that to be a bit odd.