Info needed for Elite Plus integrated amp

PS Audio was nice enough to send me the PDF for the regular Elite but I have the Plus version.

If no one has one does anyone know the output of the Elite Plus into 8 and 4 ohm or any of the other specs?

I’ve had this since it came out. Had to put it in storage for 20 years but last year I took it out and set it up. The pots and switches needed some workout to get rid of oxidation but everything else seems to be just as it was the day I bought it. Still sounds better than anything else I have including a Denon X2300 A/V receiver I bought for my main TV.

Howdy Rob,

I dug through our archive and it looks like the Elite Plus put out 70 wpc. I’m guessing that is into 8 ohms. 4 ohms is more of a question mark - it could be anywhere from 70 wpc up to 140 wpc.

Glad it’s been serving you well! Maybe others can chime in if they remember any other specs.

I have an Audio Equipment Directory from 1985 that has a listing for the Elite+. As Jamesh said, it’s 70 watts in to 8 ohm. Here’s the rest of the information from the directory:

Continuous Average watts per channel 140 watts into 4 ohm
Power bandwidth 2Hz - 200 KHz
Rated THD 0.2%
Rated IHF IM 0.2%
Class of output Operation AB
MM Phono S/N -80 dB A weighted re: 5mV
MM Phono Sensitivity 1.7 mV
Maximum MM Phono Input 160 mV
Rated Slew Rate 150 V/microsecond
High Level Sensitivity 177 mV
Does Unit Invert Phase - No
Weight 25 Lb
Price $970

As an aside, I have an Elite (not the +) that I bought new in early 80’s. It was a wonderful sounding integrated, but it developed a hum about 30 years ago and has sat awaiting repair. I tried fixing myself, but with limited electronic experience I didn’t get very far. When I finally asked PS Audio a few years back they said they couldn’t repair it. :frowning: Maybe some day I will receive a bash to the head and I will become an electronic genius and fix it! (Just kidding)

Thank you Schroedster and pmotz for the info!

pmotz If you’re up for a challenge maybe you could scan those pages into a PDF and share it on the forum? I’m sure it would be of immeasurable help to people.Hopefully it’s not copyrighted. Even if it is maybe you or someone on the board could write to get permission to use?

Hello Everyone,

i’m looking for schematic for PSADUIO Elite plus.
i do really appreciate!

I just emailed over everything we have. Hope they help!

Hi Jamesh, i need too Elite İntegrated amp. and power supplys shematic. Have you? Thank you…

No problem. I just sent you an email with everything I have!

Thank you…