Inquiry about P12 operation

When the power cable is connected to the power source with rear switch off, the fan is operating and then initialized. Even if the rear switch is off, turning on the remote control turns the screen on. Eventually, the phenomenon behaves as if the rear switch is always on. Is there a problem?

Also, after the sd card is plugged in, the psaudio log is blinking and initialized, but the firmware is the same before and after.


2.11 is the current release. Check the firmware window on your device and if any of the labels there show 211 you are current. Alternatively, just check the files on the SD card using an SD card reader and compare them to the current download. There should be 6 files on the SD.

I have P12 for about 2.5 months since early May. My study room where I have my hifi gears is relatively hot during these summer days. I always power off my P12 from the main power switch on the back when not listening. I do not have the problem you described. Hope by now PSA support has solved your problem.

Does the rocker switch feel like it has a tactile motion, or does it feel really smooth?

Does it mean the rear switch? If so, it works very smoothly when turned on compared to when the switch is off.

Yes, the rear switch. I’m wondering if the relay isn’t actually turning the unit off.

I think the switch on the back does not turn off the product. It is idle even when the switch is off, and the product operates with the remote control. What do you think is the problem?

It sounds like a bad switch. If the rocker switch has the O pushed in, the power is completely cut off, and you shouldn’t have any operation. Send TJ an email, and he will be able to get you fixed up.

Thank you for your help.
I sent an email to TJ about the symptoms.