Interesting observation bit depth on Pink Floyd the final cut CBS CD

I noticed something interesting today when playing the final cut CD on my PST. The sample rate depth displayed on both the PST and the Mk2 shows 44.1 24bit. I than put it in my PWT it than displayed 44.1 16bit on both the PWT and the Mk2. Obviously it is a Red Book CD so by definition it should be 44…1 16 bit. I wonder why the PST identifies it as 24 bit and forwards that to the DAC. This type thing is much more noticeable that the mk2 has the ability to default to showing sample rate and bit depth in large characters.

I have the Anniversary Edition CD and it displays 44.1/16. Maybe you got the High Rez version!

I think it actually is 44.1 16 bit and for some reason the PST is picking up the wrong info. On the PWT it displays 44.1 16 bit.

Here is a totally wild guess.
I lot of the old CBS CDs were recorded with pre emphasis.
Maybe the PST is miss-interpreting that flag and Identifies it as 24 bit.


You got it. I just tested the PST with a disk I know that has pre-emphasis and that is what is causing it. That is not right. The interesting thing is the PST does the de-emphasis in the marantz transport part of the PST and hands off the equalized signal to the output stage of the PST. I am going to let Barry know about this one. Thanks for the answer!