Interesting young woman

She is a comedian so I wonder how much of this is “character”. Even doing stand up she was in this mode per say. She has done weird stuff at auditions etc but apparently it has paid off. Also, having a stroke at 20 could change one’s perspective and attitude a bit. Never saw a film or show with her but she sure interviews well (lol).

I’m a fan. My favorite work of hers is in a film I can recommend: “No Safety Guaranteed.” Interesting romantic comedy.

I think she’s adorable. I love her quick, dry humor.

I think she is available Ron. If you look at all like De Niro you should write her!

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Thanks, I’ll give it a spin,

I’ve only seen her in this one of kind, wild mind trip of a show, Legion.

She is amazing on Legion, which is a show I consider amazing.