intermittent sound from dsd/bii

long time bridge user (early adopter of original pwd/bridge, then upgraded pwdii, recently traded both in on dsd/bii) experiencing a new problem.

bridge is connected directly to router via cat6e, was working fine for a few weeks, then this strange problem started…

whenever i stream files from library or radio, the audio intermittently cuts out, and there is an audible “click” from the dsd, the same sound it makes when powered up and ready. network icon shows connected all the while, timer keeps going down on both dsd and jriver, just no sound. if i touch or slide the volume control on either the dsd touch screen or jriver media center the dsd clicks, screen refreshes, sound comes back, then a few seconds later the dsd clicks, screen flashes, sound drops out again. intervals are random, but it rarely plays for more than thirty seconds or so…

what i’ve tried:

recalibrate touch screen

changed out network cables

changed port connected to in router

removed bridgeii from jriver and recreated instance

appreciate any insight or advice.

already left a vmail for alex, but thought i may as well cast a line here as well…

thanks all!

Any luck? Sounds like it needs to travel to Boulder…

still awaiting reply to vmail left Monday and form email sent yesterday.

hoping there are some troubleshooting ideas before returning it.

will update when i know more.

Has no one gotten back to you? Seems our forms aren’t being answered. Can you email me directly?

thanks for the quick email reply Paul, and for passing the issue along to support. much appreciated.

received force overwrite firmware from Alex/engineering via email.

flash overwrite didn’t take on first reboot and display come up inverted.

reformatted sd card and copied files over again. firmware overwrite worked as expected after reformat (probably fat32 before).

removed force overwrite card, restarted in display calibration mode, and after clicking the four corners in numerical order, the display re-inverted to correct right-side-up orientation, and bridge ii seems to be streaming uninterrupted again after dsd firmware flash.

just confirming correct versioning of dsd and bridge firmware now, but hope this was just a weird anomaly.

thanks again Paul for passing on the support request and thanks to Alex for getting me sorted out and streaming again!

Sorry it took so long. Glad it worked out.

The new bridge is a keeper very well made and works with out issues for me.

Great product for the money

Wow, cool! It sounded like an internal fault to this amateur!