Zavfino Silver Dart cables, do you recommend?

Hi all,

I hope to have the chance to test some cable from Canadian 1877phono Zavfino Silver Dart.

First I would like to test 2 power cords from wall to 2 power plants P12.

Next step would be an interconnect cable, always Silver Dart line, RCA-RCA from TT Technics Sl-1200G to Stellar Phono Preamp.

Anyone knows or uses this brand? Do you recommend them for PS Audio regenerator or other components in particular? Any suggestion would be very appreciate.

I used their Silver Dart power cord from wall to P15 generator, it sounds a lot better than AQ Thunder PC I had previously. I just purchased another one to use for BHK Preamp. It has been a couple days and it sounded better than previous PS AC5 too.

Interesting cable if it is better than AQ.

Unfortunately my dealer couldn’t give me the cables Silver Dart to test. Power cord by Zavfino must be almost 1,5 mt lenght, I prefer shorter. So I tried Nordost Tyr 2 and Valhalla 2, they seem too bright in my system IMO, with a little lack in bass range IMO. At the end I ordered 2 AQ Dragon HC, that are on the way now, exclusively in trust of Paul McGowan videos and posts.
I hope to report soon here if in my system and IMO this will be the right decision.