Is a Perfect wave with the DSD upgrade just like a new DSD?


New to the forums. If this has been covered already sorry bout that and please point me in the direction.

I’ve been looking hard at the DSD Sr. but it is a bit above my budget. I’ve noticed a few Perfect Waves with the DSD upgrade that are in my budget. Does anyone have experience with an upgraded Perfect wave versus a new DSD Sr?



The DirectStream upgrade kit to the PWD will make it into a DSD Sr. I started off with a PWD MkI, upgraded to MkII, then to DS. It will be identical to a new DS Sr. Jump on it and have no regrets.


Thx for the feedback!

The only difference is the IR receiver, a new DS will have a round receiver and an updated PW will have a narrow horizontal one.
I updated a PW with the DS kit and have had no issues controlling it with the remote.
The round eye was to improve IR reception I believe.

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