Is Direct Stream Junior using Bridge 2?

If so, according to the manufacturrer, Conversedigital, it should support Tidal Connect. Currently, it does not work, Is there a firmware version that supports such feature?

Thanks for helping.

(Sorry reposting here as I’ve got no response either in the networking group or writing directly to ps audio support)

I don’t have a DS Junior, but I used to own a MK1 with a Bridge 2. If you use the mControl control point, you can find out what version of the firmware is installed and possibly do an upgrade. Use the gear icon at the upper left.


Hi David,
Thank you for answering. I believe the Junior and the Mk1 use the same Bridge2 so the topic translate 100% to the MK1. The question is: could your MK1, be used as a Tidal connect end point? According the the maker of the Bridge 2, I should be able to. Maybe it is just an unsupported platform by Psaudio, which could be fair, that is why I am waiting to hear from them. I will check out your tip on the mControl. I normally use it to stream Tidal into the Junior. The reason I am interested on Tida Connect is that there are songs which according to the Tidal application are available in my region, that are greyed out in the mControl, for unknown reasons.


I’m also interested in a reply, as the Bridge in my DS Jr. died and apparently couldn’t be replaced under warranty (as I bought it without knowing it was going to be discontinued). If the parts interchange, I could take a gamble and find a pulled Bridge 2 from a Mk. 1 DS and get it going again.

Thing is, I need to sell the DS Jr., so I don’t know what’s going to hurt the least–try to repair it with parts from a Mk. 1 Bridge 2 card (which I don’t even know would be compatible), or sell it at a loss (or trade for an even bigger loss).

The DS Jr and the DS Bridge use the same Converse Digital module. Be very careful to line up the pins correctly as you plug it in. Being off by a pin isn’t good.


Thanks much, @tedsmith – I figured that the Convers Digital module was the same. I already had to replace it once, when I first bought the unit and it was DOA. As it has failed twice now, that made me (and PS Audio’s support) think there might have been something else going on that caused it to fail.

That module plugs into another small board, which itself plugs into the main board.
I removed that additional board also, which took the Bridge out of the menu in the DS Jr. I’m storing both in an anti-static bag. I don’t know if this second board is part of the Bridge 2 from the DS Mk.1 but I kind of doubt it, as it appears to be an adapter specifically for the DS Jr. (The Convers Digital board is attached on top.)

The original prototype DS Jr didn’t have that intermediate board (any my Jr’s don’t have it now) so I tend to forget about it. The very top board is what’s shared between the Bridge II and the DS Jr.


So, if the board is the same, why am I not able to use Tidal connect since the manufacturer supports it on the same hardware version?

If you are asking me, I don’t know - PS Audio support should be able to answer that and I think I’ve seen some posts about that, but I would know when or where I saw them.


I am asking anybody as I have not received any answer from PS audio support. Apologies for the rant, you are not my target :slight_smile:

No problem.

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