Is there a way to get Sirius / XM to play through Bridge II?

I have a subscription and can access Sirius XM in my car, with my Grace internet radio and the app on my iPad. Seems like I should be able to get it to play over the Bridge II also, but haven’t been able to.
Anyone know the answer?

You’d have to send the Bridge II (I have one in my DSJr) a compatible digital audio stream. I don’t know if the Sirius/XM iOS app can send a digital audio stream at all. And because it is the topic, I hadn’t had a Sirius subscription for several years because the sound quality had gotten so bad, and because while they claim to be commercial free, they are loaded with commercials. For themselves. This year I had a trial subscription in a new car with a very good Burmester audio system, and the sound quality was either worse, or more unflatteringly revealed. I didn’t renew.

There is no output or play to option in the app that I see.
The sound quality is not an issue as I use it for casual / background listening.

I was able to send a USB signal from the app on my iPhone to the DS Sr. Sounded Ok, but was only trying when they had a short “free” streaming promotion so didn’t do a hard listen. You might be able to send it through JRiver to the Bridge, but you will have to log in from the computer that JRiver is on, something that was too awkward for me (computer on 2nd floor, stereo in basement). I couldn’t see any way of doing it through the JRemote app on the iPad I normally use for JRIver.

I use Roon, but have JRiver and Audiarvana (Mac).
How do I get JRiver to send it?

I never actually tried to do it, but I was able to add links for websites for internet radio stations, so it would seem logical you could add a link to the Sirius/XM streaming website. It’s also possible that one of the newer versions of JRiver has added this capability. I would suggest going to the user forum for JRiver, or whatever software you are using to see if anyone else has tried it.