Is it possible to disconnect the screen on the MK 1?

To test noise reduction, is it possible to operate the DS Sr. MK 1 with the screen disconnected?

Do you mean beyond turning off the screen by pressing “dim” on the remote?

On the DMP transport, that have got the same screen… you can dim it down to beeing turned of but likely still have some minor current.

The sound improvements are more than noticeable.

The DirectStream DAC Mk 1 would likely be able to do the same and get a decent sound improvement… without disconnecting the displays cables…

I am sure you could open up the kit and disconnect the power supply connection(s) to the screen.

I listen to my DS Sr. DAC and DMP transport with the displays dimmed. That said, I have never noticed a material difference in sound quality either way. Measurable and hearable are often two-different things.

On the other hand, I have never taken the time to critically listen for the differences, one way or another.

Let us know if you are able to conduct your listening evaluation with the screen disconnected, but I would not be too concerned about the impact it has on sound quality.



Yes I do. Take it out of the circuit. When I removed the bridge I found an improvement, Im wondering about the screen as well.

Thank you. I always have the screen black.

I will give it a go. Thanks

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