Is my DSD dying?

So tonight … disaster

I switch all my gear from stand-by mode to active, put a CD in the DSMP, adjust the volume on the DSD and hit play and … slilence.

Everything appears to be just as it is when the music is playing except for there being nothing coming out of the speakers.

So I clicked off the power switches on the rear of the DSMP and DSD for a few minutes while also turning off all the other components of my system and then restarted everything and, again, silence.

I did notice that when I tried switching from active to standby the DSD stayed lit up in active mode and when I the shut it down with the rear toggle switch there was a deep “thump” from my speakers.

A few hours later I did another complete system restart and this time the display screen on the DSD was fluttery (jittery) and much whiter in color.

Any suggestions greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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Well there goes that option.

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Long shot suggestion. Turn off all components, then disconnect power cord and all interconnects from your DSD for an hour. Reconnect, restart DSD and all other components. If no success contact PS Audio Technical Support for further troubleshooting advice and or repair options. Unfortunately your display board may be failing requiring a trip to the Mothership.


So I’m looking at the S.M.S.L. DO200 MkII balanced DAC to replace the DSD but there is the issue of compatibility of its i2s input with the i2s output of the DSMP given the lack of international standards with HDMI wiring.

Does anybody here have experience with this particular issue?


I looked at the M300 SE and there isn’t an I2S or HDMI connection provided so not sure about your question. Regardless, as far as standardization, all HDMI cables are configured the same, it’s the I2S use of HDMI connectors/cables that is the issue. PS Audio was the first to use this connection between components using an HDMI cable and provided their implementation to the industry. Problem is only some follow the PS Audio “standard”. There is a list of I2S compatible DACs somewhere in the forums (or internet), but the only one I found in a quick search linked to a Google Document which I couldn’t open on my iPad. Maybe someone else here has a better link to it. If a DAC has a DMP compatible I2S input PCM should not be an issue but I don’t know if the DAC will pass DSD. That’s a Sony/Phillips issue …

My mistake!!

I meant that I was looking at the S.M.S.L. DO200 MKII - - a totally different beast.

That’s more like it! I looked at the PS Audio standard and it appears to be the same for the first 12 pins, though terminology is somewhat different. The remaining pins appear in a different order, but I’m not really qualified to verify if they are incorrect for connection to the DMP. I’ll have to look again for the compatibility list, though if this DAC is fairly new no guarantee it will be shown even if it is compliant.

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I did find the same database but this time on my PC and it could read it. No date on it so no idea when it was last updated, but there was an SMSL X-USB listed. Only pin assignments are shown, no assessment of compatibility. My assessment is it appeared to be different from the DO200 and not to the PS Audio standard. Of course, I’ll caveat that with I’m no expert so take this advice with a grain of salt …

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Thanks for the digging into this @pmotz. I think I’ll post this question to the Audio Components area of the Forum.