Is the P15 an upgrade from the P10?

I love my P10, I’m wondering if the P15 is a significant upgrade ?

All opinions are welcomed. Thanks in advance.

Yes, I made that move and was pleasantly surprised. It is like improving the quality of your power amp.


No it’s not. Not that is going to change your mind. :grin:

wudai_e Please explain…I’m looking for opinions either way .

It was a poorly worded joke. What I really meant is trying to save you some $$.

No worries…in this crazy hobby…were looking to spend $$$…not save…LOL


There is a P10 vs P15 thread on here that addresses you question. Some wrote going from the P10 to the P15 was bigger than going from no regenerator at all. I had the P10 and was going to a P15 then an opportunity to pick up a P20 came and I jumped from the 10 to 20 and the P20 was a gigantic leap forward in performance. Everything plugged in instantly became better especially the BHK 300’s and my auralic aries G2.


Hey krelldog…

Yes indeedy the P15 is not a sidwise move from the P10…

All the internals were upgraded in the P15…the chip which regenerates the
incoming clipped sine wave is of a faster higher quality unit as well as the
output amps in the P15…and a lower output impedance…which is an upgrade
in and of itself

A couple years back I traded up my P5 for a P12…just took Paul at his word…
Wow Paul was not kidding…the difference was far from insignificant…
it sounded as if my entire system had been upgraded substantially…

So my view is yes the P15 is a very worthy upgrade over the P10.
You love your P10…wait till a P15 lands in your system…

Oh forgot to say that I now have a P15…a wonderful upgrade for my
entire system

Best wishes in your audio journey



You can always look for PS Audios fall sales great discounts…is how i got
my P15.

Best wishes

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Yes. I made the P10 to P15 switch and it was a no brainier. At the time I had all of the reference PS Audio gear BHK 300, BHK Pre, DS, Stella Pre, feeding Maggie’s 20.7s. There was a worthwhile difference. The P15 is now the only PS audio product in my system.


P15 available at TMR. contact Nick at TMR if interested!