Is The PWD II Asio Compliant

Is the PWD II Asio compliant ?

I’m using a Win 7 PC, and I can not use the Asio output, as the device option is grayed out in JRiver.


My question is: can WS be addressed with an ASIO driver? This would open up a whole host of software that could utilize the PWD’s power.

The USB driver is ASIO.

I know essentially nothing of anything dealing with the Bridge.

My question is should I be able to choose ASIO in J River.

I am not using the PW Bridge.

You will need an asio driver for J river. I use Asio4all. Google it and install it. Once you do this, it will show up in J river if you select ASIO as your output mode.

Thanks. I have another DAC that plays ASIO in the same system.

Is the ASIO capability hardware dependent. That is if my other DAC plays via ASIO, shouldn’t the PWD II also be able to use it ?

Yes, although as I understand JR, you need to select the desired sound output device in JR. I believe this is done with JR’s channel selection.

If you already have an ASIO driver installed on your system, it should show up in Jriver if you select ASIO as your output mode. Look under “output mode settings” (This is under tools>options>audio. If you have an ASIO driver installed the PWD will play it. I have used the ASIO4all driver as well as a Creative Labs driver in the past with no problems on the PWD.

That’s the problem.

When using PWD II, the Sound Output Option is grayed out. Not so w/my other DAC.

That’s why I wondered if the PWD II did not support ASIO.

I will post this question on the J River forum.

Are you using the USB input on the PWD? If so, have you installed the PS Audio USB driver for the PWD? If not, I suspect JR will not see the PWD.

I’m using the USB input, and have reinstalled the latest PS Audio twice.

If I understand correctly, ASIO should be an option in JRiver.

@parisphoto: Have you tried loading ASIO4all?

@ELK: I’m thinking if WS is ASIO compliant then you should be able to output your workstation directly through the PWD, which would be neat!

I don’t have J River on my PC, but I do have Foobar2000 and I have a NuWave DAC connected that uses the same driver as the PWD Mk II. Foobar2000 sees the NWD as an ASIO device, so other software should also, unless the ASIO plugin for Foobar is a variation of ASIO4all. I’ll have to check that out…