Isoacoustics Orea Isolators


Slide some cloth underneath them by rocking them just enough to fit it under.

Edit: I see this has already been said :blush:


So it’s been a few weeks since adding Isoacoustic Orea pucks, (4) per component (20 total): BHK250, BHK Pre, DS DAC, DS DMP, and Sbooster/Nucleus+ plinth. Since I ripped the whole rack apart, adding an additional glass shelf and reconfiguring all the shelves, cables moved… I waited a few weeks to listen seriously. It’s all the little things that add up to amazing. Live and very natural is a way to describe the SQ increase. An amazing soundstage of superb clarity is what it seems. I just love my system and every little thing I do just keeps me grinning.

However, I did not have the room (shelf space) to add the Bordeaux isolators under the PSA P20 @RonP . The BHK250 took the Bordeaux isolators and Bronze for the rest.


Some day, when you’re bored, try removing one puck from under each component.


After a few weeks of pucks settling in, revisited the BHK250. I didn’t like the way the amplifier feet engaged the pucks initially; however, gave it a few weeks to see how they settle (orientation). In addition, I did not feel I would get the best isolation if the pucks did not engage their full (top & bottom) surface area. Therefore, after reviewing how they settled, I decided to remove the feet so the pucks have better integral contact with the amplifier chassis. One puck usage configuration constraint was a machine screw engaging the chassis on all four corners. It did not inhibit 100% contact, just constrains puck placement and one needs to be aware. A bonus to removing and replacing the BHK250 feet is additional space below (puck is twice as tall as BHK250 feet), and additional space above. I went to the 11.5in shelf from the 9.5in shelf so the area above is more. Also, make sure you place a towel on your shelf and slide the amplifier back to prevent the machine screws on the bottom from making some nasty channels in wood or scratches to glass. The towel is easily removed when You add the pucks. Here are a few pics of the process.