Issue with iPad and iOS 10?

I use an iPad Air 2 as my primary computer and as such also have a bluetooth keyboard that I use with it. This has worked flawlessly on this site until I upgraded to iOS 10. When I am creating a new thread or posting a response to a thread if I use the arrow keys on the bluetooth keyboard the screen jumps to the bottom of the page, effectively removing from view the post I was working on. I can easily scroll back up and continue, but I use the arrow keys frequently and my typing isn’t always so good, so the frequent need to scroll back up is annoying. Anyone else having this issue?

I find it odd that no one else has this issue … and now I have another one. I’ve lost the cursor! Makes it interesting to edit when you can’t see where you are typing until you start typing.


I am a beta tester for iOS. Some of the betaseeds displayed odd behaviors on many sites, including social media [FB in particular for me] and community forums like this one. Is there any chance you are not using the current iOS? I have an iPad mini 2 [different model of course], that I use with a BT keyboard, and it is not having the problems with this forum that you have described in your first post. [Cursor disappearance seems to happen on occasion in some of the forums I visit, even on my desktop, but a quick trackpad or screen “swirl” seems to solve the issue.]

Palerider, I was using 10.0.2 so I had the latest, until just a few minutes ago that is. Just today Apple released 10.2 and I updated to that. Good news is the cursor is back! Bad news is it still jumps to the bottom of the page when I use the arrow keys on my Bluetooth keyboard. Any tips on how I would describe this to Apple? Seems straight forward, but sometimes that is not the best approach! One other good news … JRemote seems to be working correctly now.

Hate to keep bringing this up, but I’m still having the issue detailed above. The website update a while back made no difference. Now I have a new problem, for me at least (I know others have reported this in the past, though not recently). Every time I refresh the page (to get the “new” posts to show up) I have to re-login. Luckily it’s not that big a deal, but something changed over the last few days. One other, unrelated problem; I’ve noticed since the website update that the list of “new” posts is sorted by forum. That’s a nice touch, except when you look at the top of the individual posts where it shows the path for where the post is stored, it doesn’t match up. I took a screen shot, but as others have pointed out you can’t paste a photo on an iPad. it’s a drag 'n drop thing that doesn’t work (or if it does please explain how!). Anyway, the screen shot shows the first new post as being in the DirectStream DAC forum, which is correct. The next three new posts are in the DirectStream Memory Player forum; the first is in fact from that forum, but the next two are from the DS DAC forum. Not a major issue, but something is amiss and I thought I should point it out.