New weird website issue

Just happened this morning. The right side of the website banner is cut off. On the same iPad Air 5 that I was using yesterday with no issue. No iOS updates.

Thanks for the report. Some changes with the forum have been rolling out recently. We have been on the lookout for issues.

If others see issues please post them here.

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Well, if you’re counting… :smile:, when the Hi-Fi Family dropdown is selected to, say, reselect Forum, once selected the dropdown does not roll back up.

It seems they have been working on the message counter and so far it is mostly fixed. It’s been consistently off for at least a couple of years.

What is still not right is the occasional note “see # unread messages” which comes up when reading. If you click on that there are no unread messages.

Oops, spoke too soon. After posting the above went back to the top and it said ‘4 unread’, but there were only 3 messages. After reading another it said ‘3 unread’ but there were 2.

I don’t see my avatar in the upper right corner where notices/messages can be accessed. It could be off to the right, but there is no ability to scroll right. The font seems bigger too, which may be forcing part of the upper screen off the viewable area.

I have the same issue with the right edge being cut off on my iPad when it’s in portrait mode. If I flip it 90° to horizontal, then everything is OK.

…and, on my iPhone, the top-most recent communication is now cut off and you can’t see it.

For example:

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A clarification: The only changes were to the navigation menu.

While we appreciate there are other aspects of the form which people do not like, we’re not working on other issues at this moment. That is, a frustration dump, is not going to help us. :slight_smile:

For the record, my post above is not intended as a frustration dump.

(Not sure you were addressing my post, ELK.)

This is a new issue and your mentioning of some on-going changes prompted me to note my observation. When it comes to such matters, I don’t (usually) believe in coincidences.

Not frustratingly yours,


No problem at all. My post is generic. It just happens to be below your post. :slight_smile:

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How do you get to this view?

I experience the exact same issue using my Samsung mobile… Click on my avatar at the top right and it shows the same as Scotte. This isn’t a new fault, I mentioned this very issue the last time PSA site
had weird happenings…I’ve just put up with it.!

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Selecting “Latest” or “Unread” on iPhone in portrait. Turning phone to landscape resolves the issue.

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Just clicking on my Avatar in the forum.

(this is iPhone-specific)


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I’ve got this also now. New bug.

(this is iPhone-specific)

My Samsung phone now exhibits this latest fault!!

Thanks, Scott

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More weirdness. The bar at the top of the screen that has always had backwards and forwards arrows is now blank. I’m in the habit of using that back arrow to return to the main forum page after reading a post. This happens using Safari on an iPad.

Try scrolling down.