JRiver displays the same/wrong times PWDII BridgeII

I select the Bridge II in JRiver, select a playlist, the first song plays (time is, say, 3:00 minutes), that song plays the 3 min, next song is up and plays. The problem is JR sees every consecutive song at 3 mins. I’ve restarted everything I can to the last mile (all Internet, ethernet, wifi, ad nauseam). It very well be my network or equipment. I’m just asking for help from the Pros.

Also, over-explaining, if playback stops I can still click on a new song and the process repeats. It seems to me it’s not a network, DAC, or DLNA issue.
Using a PS Audio PWD Mk II, Bridge II

Try going to Bridge II on JRiver and right clicking. Check all the boxes that say things like Ignore Transport Event, Ignore Setnext, … There are three such choices. Check all three.

I’m not a DLNA expert but have spent some time on the JRiver web site. I’m relatively convinced that the Bridge II does not follow the DLNA standards. JRiver includes these features for renderers that don’t properly follow the standard.

I also recommend this tool and configuring as indicated by the results. The tool is a little out of date but does help.


Good luck and hope this helps.

Thank you amsco,

That trick improved some stability. However, I’m still getting incorrect times. My only workaround for now is to select the longest song in the playlist and see what happens.

Whitebear would be lovely if he’d make an OS X version

Thanks again JR