JRiver expert needed

I assembled the following with a lot of advice from forum members. I run TIDAL Masters through Audirvana. I downloaded “Audiophile Analog Collection Vol 2” from HD Tracks and loaded it in JRiver MC 26. The sound is amazing. But, I had some struggles getting JRiver to connect to DS DAC. There is a 6 year old PSA “How To” for JRiver. It would be very helpful if someone who really knows JRiver to make a new “How To.”

Streaming: Audirvana or JRiver MC 26/ UltraRendu(Sbooster)/ WW|Star8|2.0|USB/X Matrix SPDIF(Sbooster)/ WW|SilverSphere|HDMI/ DS DAC/ Musical Fidelity M8-500/Magnepan 3.6

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In JRiver go to Tools----->Options----->Media Network----->…add or configure DLNA server----->Audiophile 24bit DAC (assuming your DS DAC and bridge are connected to your network).

Following the advice of Matrix streaming to the i2s DS input, I removed Bridge II. When I configured ultraRendu: Settings—>System settings—>Custom DAC. UltraRendu found the DS DAC on the LAN without a Ethernet cable. Tidal Masters has improved through the i2s /Matrix connetion, but the high sample rate downloaded Audiophile Analog Collection Vol 2 through JRiver is in another league - simply lifelike! I may be buying more music. In JRiver, ultraRendu shows up as the DLNA server.

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