JRiver MC and DirectStream DAC

I have always run DSD from JRiver MC to DS. If I choose not to do DSD conversion in JRiver and send PCM to the DS to do the conversion, would I:

  1. Notice any difference?
  2. Be able to use VST plugins to increase volume and modify soundstage?
  3. If JRiver DSD is preferred, will the VST plugins do their jobs?

It is preferred to do no conversion or processing in JRiver. Have it send file as native. The DS processes everything like DSD.


You definitely want to only send native formats to the DSD DAC. Best to have only bit perfect data stream to the DAC.

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Thanks for the replies. I thought the algorithms used for PCM to DSD would be very similar (JRiver/DS). So what are the specific advantages of using JRiver to do the conversion. No mention yet of using VST plugins - thought you would have to keep PCM format for VST’s to work?

I run jriver into the DS and just run it native. I also have a lot of ripped dsd. This should be pretty simple to do anA/B on yes?? Why not give it a shot and report back w different resolutions?