Keeping amps on 24/7 too much load for P5 over longer term?


With my 3 amps (2 mono and a 5-ch) in standby (off), the load on my P5 is 11%. I’d like to experiment keeping my amps on 24/7. With my amps on, and processor off, the load on my P5 is 46%. So this is the minimum load the P5 would experience.

Am I “hurting” my P5 by doing this?

Thank you.

You’re fine and it’s exactly what I would do. Keep 'em on, baby!15_gif

Very glad to hear you say that, Paul. Will keep them on.

PS - Really enjoyed a video I saw on YouTube the other day, showing your system in CO. You were enjoying one of my favorite groups, albums and tracks - Welcome To The Machine. Awesome system. Would love to see it in person some day.

Thank you for great products.

You’d be welcome to come by and enjoy the system whenever you’re in town.