Last video of music room


The last installment is here:

Oddly enough, and quite apropos, on the same Youtube page was a video showing how I would most likely react and I’m surprised Paul didn’t quite react this way:

A non-audiophile would have reacted like this:




Pretty funny. I would have looked a bit more enthusiastic if Amanda came home. :smiley:


Total agreement there!



AS A CAT PERSON I AM DEEPLY OFFENDED :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Slightly more seriously: Holy crap I am definitely gonna get there again to hear that system, and soon!! What happened to the Maggies? I would be happy to adopt them. :slight_smile:


As a cat person I am offended by the staged anthropomorphic presentation, even though the basic reaction is very feline. :stuck_out_tongue:

I too would love to visit the PS Audio listening room. :slight_smile:



Actually, some cats do have a better reaction than that, the most famous was Christian when he was reunited with his humans after being put back in the wild for a year.



Paul, I am curious about the placement of the woofers and would love to hear what you and Arnie discussed. They are quite a bit farther back than I would have expected and I would like to try something similar with my setup. Was that a choke on the underside of the mid/tweeter base?Thanks.



Very cool and I really enjoyed watching this series!

Paul - wherever did you find these beauties?!


Classic Stereo. Bought them for $25K including shipping. The guys at Classic were absolutely the best ever. The speakers were packed with a care and precision I have rarely seen. I would highly recommend them to anyone wanting a used pair of anything.


Reply to @wglenn: The classic setup for the IRS and Genesis 1’s are woofers about halfway between the wings and the rear wall and to the outside of the wings so as not to interfere with the rear wave of the mid/tweet towers. Once there you simply adjust the towers until the bass is right. In my case once I placed them I haven’t moved anything as so far they’re pretty perfect. Dumb luck or what, I don’t know, and there is a huge bass hump but it’s right where we predicted it would be so I am going with the room as the problem.


Paul, loved the the videos. I’ve seen pictures of these before and knew they were big, but when you emerged from the back "WOW!"

Congradulations! I’m sure these sound sweet and were worth the all effort of getting them installed correctly.



@Paul: Thanks. I had just placed mine with the driver motors on the woofers just lateral to the mid/tweets. I was just going on the assumption that that is where they should go. Of course here, they partially shroud the mid/tweets. My RD75s are “unbaffled,” and my woofer baffles are 17" wide. I can’t wait to get home and play, now.


@tpauline Thanks troy!


@wglenn Let us know what happens!